Food Trend Predictions For 2019!

Dec 18, 2018Amy Neumann
Food Trend Predictions For 2019!

2018 has been a huge year and we can't believe it's already over! We've worked with some great brands and retailers including Brookfarm, Freedom Foods, Fluid Espresso and Brews Brothers Cafe, and we've introduced a whole slew of new delicious food products to the Satisfine Foods family, including Milk Lab, Googy's Protein Bars, Noshu and much more! If you're interested in our top performing products for 2018, check out our latest EDM!

Otherwise, looking to the future, we're making predictions for 2019 in this blog. Read on to find out why cold brew and oat milk are likely to be favourites for the new year. 

From all of us at the Satisfine Foods team, we hope you have a merry holiday season and a happy new year! See you in 2019!

'Good For You' Superfood Desserts

Noshu Donuts - Dark Choc Raspberry

Noshu Donuts - Dark Choc Raspberry - Grain, Nut & Gluten Free, No Added Sugar or Dairy

People are increasingly looking to ways to indulge that are healthy and add vital nutrition. Superfood treats such as 'Chia Seed Chocolate Mousse' and 'Quinoa Crumbles' will rise in popularity, while labels such as 'sugar-free' or 'dairy free' continuing to have buying power. 

Plant-Based Foods

MILKLAB Macadamia Milk

MILKLAB Macadamia Milk 

On a similar note, plant-based wonders such as the 'Impossible Burger' and milk-substitutes such as Macadamia Milk we think will trend upwards, as people try to incorporate more 'Meatless Mondays' and 'Dairy-Free Days' into their diets. 

Cold Brew Coffee 

cold brew coffee

Cold brew coffee was incredibly popular in 2018, with many people loving it's creamy slightly sweet taste while still being cool and refreshing. For 2019, it's predicted cafes and restaurants will embrace the trend even more, with manufacturers delivering consistent cold brew by the keg. 

Diet-Specific Foods Are Here To Stay 

Kez's Portion Control Range - Gluten Free Florentine

Kez's Portion Control Range - Gluten Free Florentine 

Food products manufactured for those following a paleo, gluten-free or keto lifestyle will continue. From date bars to gluten-free pizza, diet based product marketing is here to stay.  

What food trends do you think will be most popular in 2019? We'd love to hear your thoughts - get in touch!