An Interview With Craig Lindsay from Freedom Foods

Jul 23, 2018Mark Lenga
An Interview With Craig Lindsay from Freedom Foods

1. Can you tell us a bit about Freedom Foods and how it began?

Freedom Foods is our cereal and snacking master-brand which began in the eighties, bringing allergen-free, health-focused products to consumers. There was a need to deliver genuinely tasty foods which cater to all kinds of dietary requirements, so that’s what we made. Today, we've built new brands and products, increasing our offerings to provide delicious cereals and snacks with a strong focus on healthy offerings.

freedom foods logo

2. We absolutely love your Almond Breeze Barista Blend - can you tell us a bit more about what inspired that product?

Almond Breeze Barista Blend is Australia’s first almond milk developed in partnership with baristas, specifically for baristas. Barista Blend was inspired by the growing almond milk and coffee markets in Australia – we wanted to be able to provide a high performing almond milk that tastes great with coffee and won’t split. We tested and trialed the product over the course of a year, developing the perfect formulation that complements coffee beans and gets full compliments from human beings. Due to the success in Australia, Almond Breeze Barista Blend is now being introduced to many other global markets.

almond blend barista breeze

3. What are three words to describe Freedom Foods right now?

Innovative, energetic, delicious!

4. Lastly, how do you guys find working with Satisfine Foods?!

Partnering alongside Satisfine Foods has always been a pleasure! The team are helpful and understanding and are always open to new product ideas. Satisfine Foods are 100% committed to their customers by supplying what is needed on a daily basis - making working with them easy and enjoyable!

Our thanks to Craig from Freedom Foods for answering our interview questions! If you have questions yourself about Satisfine Foods or the Freedom Foods products we stock - get in touch! We’re always happy to answer questions about one of our best selling brands.