Tempting Treats

Tempting Treats is located on Sydney's Northern Beaches, we are your source for delicious, irresistible cakes and pastries.

Our aim is to  deliver a range of desserts, that is both innovative and delicious but
​with an  emphasis on presentation. We use recipes that have been developed and refined over many years, focusing on quality ingredients and exquisite hand decoration. 

We lovingly bake all of our desserts to showcase our attention to detail and our 
flair for not only the traditional recipes that you already know, but also contemporary
and exciting flavours.

We invite you to share in our passion to deliver a selection of cakes and desserts to tantalise customers of any age.


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Tempting Treats - Lemon and Lime Tart 11"
Tempting Treats - Lemon and Lime Tart 11"
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