Australia's finest shortbread.

Set in the picturesque Yarra Valley Ranges of Victoria, Butterfingers has been crafting traditional shortbread since 1981. Proudly Australian family owned, Butterfingers creates a pure-butter shortbread that’s popular all over the world. It’s as pure as the place it comes from.

Butterfingers quality shortbread products are made from natural ingredients sourced within Australia. There are no preservatives, artificial colourings or flavours used in the production processes and all shortbreads are GMO free. Butterfingers simply use the finest flour, butter and sugar to make a natural indulgence everyone can enjoy.

All Butterfingers products are suitable for vegetarians.

People seeking gluten-free products can rest assured that Butterfingers Gluten Free Shortbread range is laboratory tested before being released for sale to ensure a “none detected” result.


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