About Us

The Satisfine Foods Story

Mark Lenga - Founder and Managing Director

My love affair with food started with my mother’s cooking. Growing up, food was the common thread that weaved it’s way into every important milestone, celebration and family discussion. Every meal was important and I grew to love food made with love, great quality produce and with a touch of gourmet deliciousness.

After completing a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of NSW, I entered the graduate program of Nestle Australia. My time with Nestle was a tremendous learning experience; a top-level multinational organisation with food at their core. Working in the food-service division of Nestle afforded me the opportunity to question my future, challenge myself and develop the seedling ideas for what would grow to become Satisfine Foods.

After conquering travel in a 12-month trip around the world, it was time to start climbing a new mountain and in 2002 from underneath the staircase in my parents home, Satisfine Foods was born. The beginning of the company was humble to say the least but I felt passionate about building a business which would deliver delicious gourmet food products to the food-service industry.

The business grew steadily and with it, we were able to grow out of the cupboard under the stairs to where we are now based in Matraville as a Sci Qual accredited business. Sci Qual is the certification body, representing the highest standards of compliance for "The Purchasing, Warehousing and Supply of Frozen, Baked and Confectionery Processed Finished Food Products to the Retail and Food Services Markets". 

Following trends in the food industry, understanding growth areas and working closely with our suppliers has helped us expand our operation. I feel fortunate to say that we love the brands that we work with. Wholesaling at the premium end of the market, we know that there’s not a product that we stock which we wouldn’t feed to our own family and it is this which makes it so easy to love the work we do and to love the brands we work with. Brookfarm from Byron Bay exemplifies the working relationship we have with our suppliers. We started with Brookfarm before they became the international juggernaut that they are today and it is with this relationship that we have been able to grow our business as well as facilitating the growth of theirs. The same can be said about many of our other suppliers that we work with on a daily basis.

We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to recently acquire the Boston Bakehouse and Marlin Fine Foods which is an exciting new chapter for us at Satisfine Foods. I look forward to expanding our operations and logistical reach for the Food services market, producing and distributing quality lines of great food whilst retaining a level of impeccable reliability and personal service. 

From humble beginnings under the staircase, I am excited to expand on the next chapter of the Satisfine Foods story and I thank you for joining us on our journey. Here's to great food, great people and great business!

Best Regards,