Bondi Chai

Bondi Chai Latte is a seriously delicious, all Australian latte-style beverage which is rapidly establishing a leading position in the market. 

The brand’s positioning, premium quality, excellent pricing and, of course, superb taste have helped Bondi Chai to become the chai latte of choice for thousands of cafes owners and consumers all over the country - and in an increasing number of countries overseas.

A dry-powdered blend of black tea, honey, milk powder, sugar and a unique collection of ‘comfort spices’, Bondi Chai is manufactured in Australia from 99.5% Australian ingredients and is wholly Australian owned.

The product is also gluten free; made with natural ingredients; contains no trans-fats; no artificial flavours, fillers or preservatives; is 99% fat-free; is low in caffeine and is halal certified.


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