Riverina Grove

Website: https://riverinagrove.com.au/

Riverina Grove is a family-owned and operated business, born from a passion for fine food.

In the early 1950’s, Aurelio and Bianca Marangon migrated from Italy to Griffith with a dream to build a better life. As they settled into the Riverina region, they were inspired by the abundance of fresh, vibrant, native produce. Before long, their love of the local ingredients turned into a small business, and they began processing and selling olives in 1966

The couple’s son, Louis, who had grown up watching his parents work, inherited their passion for gourmet food. In 1984, after years spent studying away from home, he returned to Griffith with a degree in food technology and experience working for multinational food companies. With Aurelio ready to retire, Louis decided to buy the business and build on his family’s proud tradition of serving fine food to the local community.

For more than 30 years, Louis has poured his heart and soul into transforming the family’s small olive business into something truly remarkable. Today, Riverina Grove is a thriving food oasis producing more than 25 products under three brands – Riverina Grove, Aurelio and Bum Hummers. It is a go-to destination for food lovers across New South Wales, and provides contract packing for private label companies and boutique olive groves.



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