June 30, 2017

Tempting Winter Accompaniments

As we approach the middle of winter it’s essential that we provide customers with an ample selection of condiments to compliment their warming food and beverages. At Satisfine Foods, we have a wide variety of jams, sauces, syrups and relishes to help satisfy the customer’s desire for hearty food. Read on to discover some of our favourite winter products that will enhance your menu’s offerings.

Yarra Valley Jams - Cranberry & Applesauce

Looking for something help finish the perfect winter dish? The Yarra Valley Jams in Applesauce and Cranberry are the best accompaniment to a hot roast pork or turkey this winter. Made from high-quality fruits with a sweet and slightly acidic flavour, the jams are rich in colour flavour and aroma. They also contain no additives, preservatives or artificial colours and flavours. Made to enhance the taste and satisfaction of a hearty Sunday roast, these jams will tantalise any pork or turkey loving customers.

Yarra Valley Jams - Marmalade & Apricot Jam

The perfect accompaniment for breakfast toasts and bircher mueslis, Yarra Valley’s Breakfast Marmalade and Apricot Jam is sourced from the highest quality local fruit and produce, meaning any meal the spreads are applied to will be enhanced. Lather on these halal and kosher certified jams to create mouthwatering breakfast meals that are sure to be a success. Both provide a vibrant orange to enhance your plate, these jams not only taste delicious, they also add interest and colour to the plate that photographs amazingly.

Coffee Syrup

DFT Cafe has a range of syrups in the flavours, hazelnut, vanilla, and caramel that are sure to be popular add-ons this winter as hot, delicious coffee becomes more and more essential. The premium syrups create a smooth, silky taste that is not overly sugary or artificial. Guaranteed to make yours (and your patrons) heart sing, these coffee syrups are the perfect indulgent treat to warm up the body and mind on days when it is chillingly cold.

When the feeling of warmth is missing we reach for artificial means to keep us fulfilled. Do you have a favourite winter time condiment or flavour enhancer? Please get in contact and let us know. We’d love to hear from you.


June News

Some might say June is a cold and bitter month of the year, but we at Satisfine Foods think it’s all about your approach. That is to say, while it’s freezing no matter what, there are certain foods you can capitalise on to make your winter experience much more pleasant. Below are three products we’re featuring for the month of June. Read on to discover how to make June a celebratory month instead of a chilly one.

Creamy Pumpkin Soup

helens gourmet soup, creamy pumpkin

You might have the sniffles this time of year, a sore throat, a desire for something warm. In that case, look no further than Helen’s Gourmet Soup in Creamy Pumpkin! Thick n’ creamy in style, this smooth pumpkin soup is perfectly seasoned with ground nutmeg, cracked pepper and fresh pumpkin. Available in 2.5 litres with a storage limit of 10 months, smack a dollop of sour cream or parmesan on this soup (or both) and have your customers cooing with delight over this warm, hot, textured bowl that is bursting with pumpkin richness. 

The Rosella Lamington Cookie

byron bay cookies, rosella lamington

The Byron Bay Cookies’ limited edition Rosella Lamington just became complimentary across all Qantas flights, domestic and international. Made with coconut and delicious rosella jelly (a native Australian flower) there’s no better way to feel patriotic and satisfy a sweet craving in cold, hard June than with the delicious Rosella Lamington cookie.

Hot Arancini Balls

Chef’s Edge have outdone themselves this winter with their piping hot mushroom, spinach and mozzarella Arancini Balls that are full of flavour and texture. Not only are these hot canapes at the forefront of the food menu for this winter, they’re also packed with nutritious ingredients that are sure to help stave off the winter blues. We think the versatile Arancini Ball will be a huge hit at any winter time event; so for your next gallery opening or party, consider these crispy, soft and tasty treats for your guests. They’ll love it.

So there you go! It’s all about how you approach the winter weather in June. Do you accept that it’s cold and miserable or do you say ‘life must go on, so my customers and I will endure with hot pumpkin soup and arancini balls’? We at Satisfine Foods advocate the latter. We hope you will too.

June 07, 2017

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Winter Must-Haves

Winter is no longer on its way - it’s here and we can all feel it. Temperatures are dropping to 9 degrees each morning and night and everyone is wanting elusive sources of warmth to get them through the days. Well, Satisfine to the rescue! Here are some winter recommendations from the Satisfine Foods team, to help you and your customers warm up during these colder winter months.

Muffin Mania

Noshu White Choc Raspberry Muffin

Who doesn’t love a freshly baked muffin to start their day off right? Currently, Satisfine has two muffin brands that your customers are sure to love. Helen’s European Cuisine boasts a beautiful butterscotch white muffin her famous apple and date muffin. Both flavours are sure to warm up your customer's hearts and tummies. However, if you know your customers have a sweet tooth but also want to be healthy this winter, have no fear, Noshu, the no sugar brand is here. They have delicious, no sugar muffins available in flavours such as double choc, orange and poppy seed or white choc raspberry Check out Noshu’s range to see what everyone is raving about.

Savory Pastries

Silly Yaks Savory Pastries

Looking to the savoury side of things, winter is the time when sausage rolls, pies and quiches reign supreme in an Australian customers heart. Silly Yaks is on top of their game creating delicious savoury pastries such as their mouth-watering mixed pack of pies and rolls, their party spinach roll and their deep tin chicken pies. All of these options are perfect for catering winter events and for keeping customers satisfied at the local cafe or pub. When the weather is freezing there is nothing like a toasty pie or roll with tomato sauce on top! It’s the Australian way of life - wouldn’t you agree?

Coffee & Cake

Looma's Ferrero Rocher Cake

Last but certainly not least, are some coffee and cake recommendations. While the northern hemisphere normally indulges in sweet treats and delicious hot brews around Christmas time, for us, June/July is the period where people are most likely to want a nice coffee and cake at the local cafe with friends. That’s why we recommend stocking up on coffee syrups such as DFT Cafe’s hazelnut, vanilla or caramel. Additionally, why not make sure you’ve got the latest milk substitute for those who have an intolerance? Try Freedom Food’s Extra Milky Soy for those who are gluten free, nut free and lactose-free. Otherwise, their Almond Breeze blend is also highly popular.  For cake options (our favourite part), Satisfine recommends Loomas whole cakes, including the stunning Ferro Rocher cake or the caramelised white chocolate cheesecake. Loomas also has a great gluten free range that’s perfect because you won’t need a gluten allergy to want a piece. We love their chocolate truffle cake, their flourless salted caramel cake, or their gluten free friands in pistachio, berry and almond.  


May 24, 2017

May News

Winter is on its way! And as the days get shorter, chillier, and rainer, we know customers around Australia are going to be wanting some warming, comfort foods to help them feel a little bit better. Here are some of Satisfine’s top winter warmers to help you and your customers deal with the colder winter weather.

Bondi Chai

Who doesn’t love an amazing chai latte to wrap their hands around on a cold and wet day? Bondi Chai is a gold medal winning, Australian latte-style chai that is currently leading the race for the most delicious chai.

Made from fine flavours that include dry-powdered black tea blend, honey, milk powder, sugar and a unique collection of ‘comfort spices’, Bondi Chai also boasts that it’s manufactured in Australia from 99.5% Australian ingredients, and, of course, it’s wholly Australian owned.

Helen’s European Cuisine

The creator behind Helen’s European Cuisine is the genius cook Helen Zeniou. She has been inspired by her love of family, European heritage, and years of experience in the food industry to create mouth-wateringly delicious soups, quiches, lasagnes, and filo wraps that are hearty and wholesome. Now is the time to stock up on Helen’s heartwarmers. No one is going to want salad come June! You can check out the Helen’s full range under her 'Helen’s European Cuisine’ page in our catalogue.


Chef's Edge

Another winter warmer, Chef’s Edge features frozen food for catering and cafes that is competitively delicious. Featuring a range of trendsetting foods including their arancini balls, risotto balls, Peking Duck spring rolls, and oregano meatballs everything from the range is comforting and tasty to give Chef’s Edge the, er, edge. As a brand that promises quality, Chef’s Edge can be trusted to bring customer satisfaction every time. 

One small note, we are constantly looking to update the way we approach the business of fine, wholesale foods, especially those foods that cater to a crowd with special dietary requirements. So, we’re proud to announce we are working on a website update that will provide a nutritional guide for all products featured on Satsifine’s site. We appreciate customers are curious about the nutritional content of their food and we want to cater to that need, so stay tuned for the upcoming update.

What winter foods are your favourite to indulge in for the cooler months? Spicy pumpkin soup or sweet Portuguese tarts? Do you plan to stock up on warmer food products for the upcoming season? Get in touch and let us know, we’d love to help you with any questions you may have.    

Naturally Sweet Treats

We are all becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of sugar. According to some studies, sugar is found to be as addictive as drugs. There’s no doubt sugar is a highly addictive substance, but how are we, as a society, able to break free from sugary sugar? Enter the increasingly popular ‘sugar-free’ food labels. Brands that advertise ‘no added sugar’ or ‘sugar-free’ are becoming more successful than ever with consumers. With this in mind, here are three Satisfine Food products that sport a ‘low-to-no sugar’ label.

Googys Natural Protein Bar

Googys is a new brand to the Satisfine Foods family. Its range consists of protein bars that have a long list of benefits. Among them, is the label no added sugar. Instead, Googy’s rely on winning natural fruit combinations to achieve a deliciously healthy and naturally sweet treat. Each bar includes fruits such as dates and blueberries that are naturally high in fructose. No nasty chemical additives or artificial sugars such as corn syrup are added. We predict this, plus the natural protein found in the bar, will make them highly popular among parents and vegetarians.

Brookfarm Macadamia Powerfood

These days, in cafes and breakfast spots around the country, it’s not uncommon to hear customers asking about the contents of their food. The demand for consumer information is higher than ever. Introducing Brookfarm’s Macadamia Powerfood, the perfect granola crunch to place atop of yoghurts and in smoothies. You can assure your customers, if they ask, that the muesli has no added sugar. Not only that, but Powerfood also has low amounts of natural sugar (96% sugar-free!). Popular with the Paleo and ketogenic crowd, this low-carb, low-sugar muesli is a highly desirable market item that if you market it well, will be flying off the shelves.

NOSHU Muffins (Gluten Free)

As we mentioned earlier, giving up or reducing sugar is seriously difficult. However, the desire to reduce sugar intake is also strong amongst consumers. So, make it easier on your customers by providing food options that mean they don’t have to forego their favourite treats. Noshu has a range of delicious muffins in flavours such as ‘double choc’, ‘white choc raspberry’, ‘orange and poppy seed’. You might think that these types of flavours would have to include tons of sugars. Well, you’d be wrong. The brand Noshu actually stands for ‘no sugar’. Each muffin contains no added sugar, and they’re 99% sugar-free. They're also free of gluten, dairy, nuts, artificial colours, preservatives, and are high in prebiotic fibre. If we were faced between a Noshu muffin and a regular high fat, high sugar muffin – we know which one we’d choose.

So, when considering sweets for your pantry or display unit, consider choosing items that are low in sugar, low in artificial sweeteners (which are recognised to be just as harmful as sugar itself), and opt for sugar-free or low-sugar options that use all natural ingredients. We promise your customers will still be sweet on you!

April News

The month of April was an incredibly busy for all cafes, restaurants, supermarkets and, of course, the public! The Easter long weekend was a sigh of relief, but now Mother’s Day on 14 May is coming up! So, here’s what Satisfine has been up to, to prepare for the celebration of mum.

Mother's Day

We’ve released the new Byron Bay Rosella Lamington Cookie and it’s creating a buzz! Made from native Rosella flowers and lamington flavours, the cookie is as Aussie as it gets. Recently, the Rosella cookie was paired with a Zest Specialty Coffee at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo and was a definite hit. People commented on how fantastic and delicate the flavours of the cookie were. We, therefore, think the Rosella cookie paired with coffee (the way mum likes it) is a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day, however, if your mum is a chocolate lover through and through, might we suggest Chocolatier’s Pure Indulgence Mother’s Day gift box? Mum can choose from an assortment of milk and dark chocolates, and the box is wrapped in charming love heart packaging that is apropos for the moment.

New Brands

We also have two new brands to welcome to the Satisfine Foods Family for the month of May. Introducing Noshu and Googys. Noshu is an Australian-owned company that specialises in decadent, delicious and natural products that are, wait for it, sugar-free! Pronounced ‘Nosh-oo’ the brand name is an abbreviation on the words ‘no sugar’. Their speciality is their nutritious, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free muffins that we’re sure will be a hit. Check Noshu out here. Their products will be coming to Satisfine soon.

Googys are a natural protein bar brand that’s powered by egg whites. Googys bars are dairy free, soy free, gluten free, peanut free, sugar fee, 100% natural and non-GMO – phew! “Winner of Best Australian Made Product” at the 2016 Gluten Free Melbourne Show, these bars have a 4.5 health star rating and are sure to fly off the shelves. Australian made too, there’s nothing not to love about Googys – even their name is adorable.

So have you stocked up for the many Mother’s Day lunches and coffees that are sure to be coming? What’s your mum’s favourite sweet treat? Get in touch to let us know. If you are interested in any of Satisfine’s Mother’s Day selections you can check out our Mother’s Day catalogue.

March 30, 2017

The Best ANZAC Cookies

ANZAC day is coming up on April 25. As a day of remembrance, the cookie is eaten to honour the Australian and New Zealand troops who ate the biscuits while on the front line during the Great War. However, luckily for us, the cookies we eat today are nothing like the biscuits the soldiers ate, all those years ago! Those biscuits were reportedly rock hard and tooth-breaking, so much so that the diggers were often forced to crush them up before eating. They were nothing like the delicious, soft and chewy oat biscuits we celebrate with today. 

Speaking of delicious ANZAC biscuits, here are a few we think you might like:

Crave Anzac Cookies

Crave Cookies have made a (now) traditional ANZAC cookie from oats, coconut, and golden syrup. An oldie but a goodie. Each box contains 12 cookies and has a shelf life of 3 months. Perfect in the lead up to the memorial day.

Silly Yaks Anzac Cookies (Gluten Free)

The Silly Yaks ANZAC cookie has taken a modern twist on tradition, by making their biscuit available to be consumed by those who have are coeliacs or gluten-intolerant.  Available in sealed packs of 18 x 10 units, the cookie is gluten-free, wheat free, dairy free, egg free, nut free, yeast free and fructose friendly – phew! It’s certain to be a crowd-pleaser with those who have allergies and intolerances.

Byron Bay Cafe ANZAC Cookies

Byron Bay has done it again by creating a perfectly mouth-watering, crisp ANZAC cookie that is available in 12 units per box at a weight of 60g. A slightly heftier cookie, this cookie is perfect for those who like a bit of bulk to their bite. The cookie is now available in the Loose Café Cookies as well as the ‘Single Wrapped Cookie’ range and is sure to be in demand come April 25.

What do you think? Which type of ANZAC biscuit do you think will be a hit? No matter what type of cookie you pick it'll be a special way to remember troops who are fighting across the world.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to announce Mother’s Day is coming up on May 14. So, stay tuned as we roll out the latest sweet treats and delicious chocolates that are going to melt hearts across the country! 

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