February 12, 2018

3 Hampers Gifts for 3 Types of Valentines

At Satisfine Foods we’re big believers in supporting our local retailers who bring customer satisfaction to the community and beyond. That’s why for this Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing the love and giving a shout out to three top retailers of ours who are supplying wonderful Valentine’s Day hampers and gift baskets for the day of love.

A Gift Worth Giving - For Savory Nibbles  

A Gift Worth Giving have been working with Satisfine Foods for many years. And, with over 20 years of experience in gift giving and personalising loving gestures, they’re an amazing company to work side by side with.

We love their Moet Regency gift basket because it’s perfect for those who enjoy just a little bit of sweet with their savoury. The basket features Moet Chandon, along with Satisfine ordered Brookfarm Walkabout mix and Kez’s gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. The mix - boxed beautifully in a modern black and white packaging - is perfect for a picnic at the end of a quick hike.


Image: A Gift Worth Giving - Moet Regency Basket

Urban Flower - For Long Stemmed Roses

For the classic romantic Valentine’s day gift, we’re in love (pardon the pun) with Urban Flower’s long-stemmed roses sets. Urban Flowers have been satisfying Valentine’s since 2001 and are now one of the most respected and established online florists in Australia.

We heart their 1 Dozen Classic Roses package featuring Chocolatier’s chocolates and beautiful, classic reds in a box.

Image: Urban Flower - 1 Dozen Classic Roses

Gourmet Basket - For Sweets and Treats

Gourmet Basket know the feeling of having something couriered to you and try to channel that heartwarming experience as much as possible each time they deliver. That’s why we love the Utterly Smitten package for those Valentine’s who want to be spoiled with chocolate and sweetheart candy this year.

Featuring ‘Love Tea’, red Confetti almonds and Byron Bay Cookie’s Signature Luxe Tins with macadamia and white choc cookie bites, this is for the sweet tooth to be opened in a romantic setting.

Image: Gourmet Basket - Utterly Smitten

January News

January is one of the busiest times of the year for Satisfine Foods and the food industry in general. Not only are people stocking up on healthy protein shakes and energy balls in a bid to lose the Holiday weight, they’re also getting ready for Australia day, Valentine’s Day and even Easter on April 1st. In light of the upcoming business ahead we’ve assembled a quick list of our bestsellers you might want to consider for all the different holidays approaching.

Australia Day  

The day of beer and meat pies, Australia Day is all about quick, easily grabbable food you can take down to the beach with you or serve at a backyard BBQ. That’s why for Australia day we love to stock up on The Pastry Lounge’s Beef and Guinness pies. It’s a classic, finger food meat pie we can't get enough of.

For those who are gluten-free or vegetarian, Silly Yaks has an amazing range of party pies, including the Gluten-Free Deep Tin Pumpkin Pie, and the Silly Yaks Mixed Pack of Pies and Rolls.

Valentine’s Day

For the day of love Chocolatiers have outdone themselves. Featuring wrapped bulk heart assortments in all number of colour, they’re the perfect stop and grab treat on the way home for many. For gift box assortments, they’ve created fantastic new packaging for their Pure Indulgence range that’s high end and visually spectacular.

red chocolate hearts


It may seem far off but you can never prepare too early for this beloved holiday. Chocolatier’s have some new delights we’re sure will sell like hot cross buns. The Bikin Bunny rabbit is the perfect option for a little one - not too big or small.

For the adults, Chocolatiers has broadened their range of dark chocolate options which proved popular last year. Choose from the Decadent Dark Egg Selection or the Dark Chocolate Mini Eggs. They’ve also returned the highly popular Fair Trade ‘No Added Sugar’ Egg to the mix, along with fun combinations such as a ‘hatched’ Egg With Freckles. There are so many amazing options to choose from this year.

Visit our site to check out either our Valentine's day or Easter catalogues for the upcoming holidays.

December 21, 2017

The Key Elements For The Perfect Christmas Lunch

As hard as it to believe, the festive season has rolled around again. That means it's time to start thinking about the Christmas day and particularly Christmas lunch. Although every family is different, if you want to deliver a simple table spread that’s tried and true, we suggest the following top five table toppers for a meal that's sure to impress.

1. Meat and Seafood

Every Christmas lunch needs a meat cut and/or a seafood dish as its centrepiece. The good news is, you don't have to get too fancy. Your best bet is to invest in a premium quality ham or turkey and slice it up at the table. On top of that, you can never go wrong with a bucketful of fresh prawns. 

2. Condiments

Keeping your meat dish simple allows creativity with condiments. Leg ham goes brilliantly with honey mustard — or mayonnaise, which you can make more interesting by adding chilli and lime.

If you’ve got a turkey in the oven, it’s easy. Cranberry and applesauce are the perfect staples. Yarra Valley jams makes a delicious version of both. 100% natural, without any additives, preservatives or artificial colours and flavours, it’s a quality condiment that won’t serve you wrong.

3. Salads

Given that Christmas Day is usually a scorcher in Australia, steer away from hot dishes. Instead, put your time into preparing delicious salads. Everyone loves classics, such as potato salad and coleslaw, but, if you'd like to go for something different, think about fennel and orange or watermelon and mint, which are both refreshing, summertime options.

4. Dessert

Once the savoury courses are over, your guests will be ready for dessert. It's Christmas, after all! Mince pies should be on every menu and, to keep everyone happy by meeting their dietary requirements, Kez's Signature Mince Pies are great for gluten, dairy and egg intolerances. For another gluten free option we love Gran's creamy, melt-in-your-mouth gluten-free Chocolate Fudge.

5. Bon bons

Christmas isn't Christmas without bon bons. There's nothing quite like the fun of competing with a friend or family member, hearing the crack and finding out who won. To make sure every winner scores a tasty prize, grab a packet of Chocolatier Christmas Milk Bauble Bon Bons, which come in festive red, green and gold colours.

For more advice on creating the perfect Christmas lunch, or to learn more about the range of tasty Christmas treats at Satisfine Foods, contact us today.

November 16, 2017

Satisfine Food's 2017 Christmas Catalogue

Christmas is just around the corner it seems, with tinsel decorations going up, candy canes in window displays, and carols on the radio. For the Satisfine team, we’ve developed our 2017 Christmas catalogue that’s filled with proven crowd pleasers for the holiday season ahead. Nutritious and sweet treats available include Brookfarm hampers, Chocolatier’s assortment boxes, and gluten free Silly Yaks mince pies. However, for this blog, we’re focussing on our two stand out favourites for this year: Gran’s Fudge boxes and the Byron Bay Cookie Luxe range. Here’s a little on why we love them both.

Byron Bay Cookies - Luxe Range

byron bay cookies white choc macadamia gluten free

Just in time for the Christmas period, Byron Bay Cookies have launched their deliciously indulgent Luxe Cookie range featuring amazing cookie bites in favourite beautiful flavours such as White Chocolate and Macadamia,  Milk Chocolate Chunk, Lemon Macadamia Shortbread, and Triple Choc. The range comes in boxes and tins of varying sizes and shapes, however, one thing they all packaging has in common is the beautiful geometric prints in silver, pink and gold that are sure to impress cookie lovers everywhere. Not to mention inside are the delicious, crunchy/soft premium cookies Byron Bay Cookies are known for. All with gluten free options available, these tins are the perfect sophisticated shoppers who’s wanting to celebrate Christmas and the end of 2017 in style.

What’s our favourite of the Luxe range you ask? We’re in love with the gluten free Luxe Assortment Gift Box with White Choc Macadamia and Triple Chocolate (300g). With a magnetic closure and beautiful gold packaging that holds gluten free bites, we think this box is a winner.

Gran’s Fudge

grans fudge

What’s more Christmassy than Christmas fudge? Gran’s Fudge has been a consistent bestseller for Satisfine Foods since we welcomed them to our humble little family. With classic flavours such as Peanut Brittle, Choc Fudge, and Irish Cream, these smooth, luxurious bites are from a hand made, gluten free recipe that’s been perfected over 30 years. An Australian owned and operated company, the sheer silky goodness of Gran’s Fudge means these treats are surefire favourites for the holiday period. And their cute, retro-style packaging is just the icing on the cake (or should we say fudge?). Try some today and be blown away with tried and true fudgy deliciousness.

What are your favourites from our 2017 Christmas catalogue? Is Byron Bay Cookies or Gran’s Fudge near the top of that list? Please let us know. If you’d like to order from Satisfine Foods, check out our 2017 Christmas catalogue for all the Christmassy-editions that make the holiday season such an exciting and joyous time.

October 11, 2017

Our Sweet Treats For Christmas!

It might seem like December is still a long way off but in the retail world we all know it’s just around the corner. As the biggest retail and shopping event of the year you can never prepare too soon. So at Satisfine Foods we’re getting down to some serious Christmassy business. Discover our top sellers in the lead up to Christmas time, we know customers will love.

Chocolatier’s Christmas Collection
Chocolatier Christmas

Chocolatier Australia has come out with a deliciously indulgent and celebratory Christmas range right in time for the festive season. The range features packaging with confetti sprinkles against a luxe, high end gold and navy background.

Their Christmas Milk Baubles Bon Bon is filled with milk chocolate red and green baubles and is perfect for gifting extended family members, and decorating the family tree or table with.

They’ve also developed the Deliciously Indulgent Christmas Gift Tin and the Deliciously Indulgent Christmas Collection Box that each feature an assortment of artisanal milk and dark chocolates that are sure to make anyone’s mouth water. Perfect as a work gift for a colleague or for a family member, these quality assured packages, beautifully decorated and filled with boutique flavours will not disappoint.

Christen's Gingerbread Trees

Christen's Ginger Bread Christmas

These individually wrapped, mixed Christmas trees have kids each year tugging at the sleeves of parents, requesting a nibble.

Made in plain and chocolate varieties, the gingerbread trees come with beautiful icing sprinkles and tree ‘decorations’ that are made from delicious, high quality ingredients that are 100% Australian sourced. Indeed Christen’s Gingerbread although based on a perfected Swiss recipe is completely Australian owned and operated. The perfect balance of lightly flavoured ginger spices, with hints of honey, these beautiful biscuits can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Silly Yaks Christmas Fruit Mince Tarts

Silly Yaks Christmas Mince Tarts

Silly Yaks Christmas Fruit Mince Tarts are a new edition to the Silly Yaks brand that are gluten, nut, wheat, yeast and dairy free. In other words these hot, delicious, crunchy-soft and quintessentially Christmas treats are available for almost anyone with a food allergy to eat (barring those allergic to fruit). A perfect all rounder to serve at the table at Christmas time, these tarts further come in innovative, individually wrapped “bake in bag” packaging (to help avoid cross-contamination) and, if frozen, they have a shelf life of 12 months meaning they’ll remain fresh and delicious come the festive season.   

If you are interested in stocking any of these products in time for the silly season, or want to browse the Christmas range available at Satisfine Foods, please don’t hesitate to visit our 2017 Xmas catalogue. Happy Shopping!


September 08, 2017

The MilkLab Co Barista Range

It’s getting warmer. Brunch with friends on the weekend and cafe culture is slowly coming back into style. Satisfine Foods is therefore pleased to announce right in time with the warmer weather, a brand new barista brand, Milk Lab. Featuring lactose-free milk alternatives we know customers will love, here are three of their star products.  

Almond Milk

Milklab Co Almond Milk

Thick, creamy, vegan and vegetarian friendly, almond milk is incredibly popular, and even better, the MilkLab team have redesigned the experience with fresh, all-white, Instagrammable packaging that’s sleek and minimal. Not to mention, the almond milk is fresh, silky - inspired by the textures, tastes and stretches of regular coffee milk.

Coconut Milk

This is a truly exciting new product. MilkLab’s coconut milk is actually Australia’s first locally produced coconut barista milk. Tested and validated with Australian baristas, we predict coconut milk is going to be a huge hit with vegans, lactose free cafe-goers, and anyone who enjoys experimental milk-substitutes. It’s also the perfect complement to fruity bircher muesli and smoothies. Get in quick with coconut milk, it’ll be flying off the shelves.

Lactose Free Milk

Of course, if you’re a traditionalist at heart, but still want to cater to dairy free coffee drinkers, MilkLab has a lactose free milk that’s 2% fat for optimal stretching of milk into foam. 100% Australian dairy packaged fresh within 24hrs of milking, there is absolutely no compromise on performance - you’ll have your customers asking - ‘are you sure you used lactose-free milk in my coffee?’

A big, warm welcome to the MilkLab team. With your sleek, minimal packaging, and your unbeatable smooth and fresh dairy substitutes, perfect for barista work, we know you’ll find success in your products, and we wish you all the luck!

The next time your making your cup of morning Jo, we implore you to put the brand new MilkLab variations to the test: we're certain you won’t be disappointed.
June 30, 2017

Tempting Winter Accompaniments

As we approach the middle of winter it’s essential that we provide customers with an ample selection of condiments to compliment their warming food and beverages. At Satisfine Foods, we have a wide variety of jams, sauces, syrups and relishes to help satisfy the customer’s desire for hearty food. Read on to discover some of our favourite winter products that will enhance your menu’s offerings.

Yarra Valley Jams - Cranberry & Applesauce

Looking for something help finish the perfect winter dish? The Yarra Valley Jams in Applesauce and Cranberry are the best accompaniment to a hot roast pork or turkey this winter. Made from high-quality fruits with a sweet and slightly acidic flavour, the jams are rich in colour flavour and aroma. They also contain no additives, preservatives or artificial colours and flavours. Made to enhance the taste and satisfaction of a hearty Sunday roast, these jams will tantalise any pork or turkey loving customers.

Yarra Valley Jams - Marmalade & Apricot Jam

The perfect accompaniment for breakfast toasts and bircher mueslis, Yarra Valley’s Breakfast Marmalade and Apricot Jam is sourced from the highest quality local fruit and produce, meaning any meal the spreads are applied to will be enhanced. Lather on these halal and kosher certified jams to create mouthwatering breakfast meals that are sure to be a success. Both provide a vibrant orange to enhance your plate, these jams not only taste delicious, they also add interest and colour to the plate that photographs amazingly.

Coffee Syrup

DFT Cafe has a range of syrups in the flavours, hazelnut, vanilla, and caramel that are sure to be popular add-ons this winter as hot, delicious coffee becomes more and more essential. The premium syrups create a smooth, silky taste that is not overly sugary or artificial. Guaranteed to make yours (and your patrons) heart sing, these coffee syrups are the perfect indulgent treat to warm up the body and mind on days when it is chillingly cold.

When the feeling of warmth is missing we reach for artificial means to keep us fulfilled. Do you have a favourite winter time condiment or flavour enhancer? Please get in contact and let us know. We’d love to hear from you.


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