Food For Fingers

Food for Fingers is a family owned and operated business which have been supplying premium quality finger foods to the Australian food service industry since 1996. Made from premium, gourmet and high-quality products, the Food For Fingers standards are the highest in the food service industry. Catering to functions of all shapes and sizes, the Food For Fingers product is perfect for 5-star hotel catering to the corner cafe snack menu. Featuring innovative and tasty recipes, combined with the freshest ingredients, this line of finger foods are perfect for your next function.

The Food For Fingers range include Kofta, Gyoze, Quesadilla, Wontons, Empanada, Samosa, Meat Balls, Mini Burgers, Roti, Sausage Rolls and more.  

Plate up with pride and put the Food For Fingers, finger foods on your next order, today.  


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Food For Fingers Empanada - Beef & Cheddar 30g x 40
Food For Fingers Empanada - Smoked Chicken 30g x 40
Food For Fingers Samosa - Butter Chicken x 50
Food For Fingers Samosa - Lamb Rogan Josh x 50
Food For Fingers Samosa - Vegetable x 50 VEGAN
Food For Fingers Samosa - Vegetable x 50 VEGAN
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 (2)
Food For Fingers Wonton - Chicken & Lemongrass x 50