Luken & May

It all began with a cup of tea! 

Luken & May is one of Australia's leading boutique biscuit companies, creating simply beautiful biscuits.  Each biscuit is made from the finest ingredients and features unique shapes and flavours, whether it be a petite Passionfruit Butterbursts star or our larger café style biscuit.

The Luken & May range was developed by passionate foodies as the ultimate complement to any occasion and any cup of tea or coffee.  Now, 10 years on we continue to believe in making every occasion a special occasion simply by adding some beautiful biscuits.

Whether it's out and about for coffee or tea with friends, entertaining at home, looking for a special gift for someone or simply a moment to yourself, the Luken & May range of biscuits has something for everyone.  So treat yourself and others today with this unique range of biscuits which will leave everyone wanting for more.

The Luken & May range of biscuits has been created for the café, gift hampers and foodservice markets. The Executive and Premium Meeting Selection packs are sought after for meetings and conference rooms Australia wide.  Gift packs are available for purchase across Australia from David Jones stores and fine cafes and gourmet food stores.    


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