Pastries with Passion

Sweet Pastries With Passion is one of the best know wholesale pastry suppliers in the Sydney CBD and  Portuguese community.  The bakery has been trading since 1990 founded by Owner Luis Santos, who famously brought the Portuguese tart recipe to Australia and melted the mouths of many.

The business has now grown from a small café in Petersham to a Wholesale bakery supplying; wholesalers, cafes, restaurants, and catering industries all around Sydney.

Luis together with his wife Candy and business partner Kevin and dedicated pastry professionals live by there motto;

 "One Goal, One Passion, Customer Satifaction'


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Pastries with Passion - Mini Portuguese Tarts x 12
Pastries With Passion - Portuguese Tart x 6
Pastries with Passion - Mini Lemon Tarts x 12
Pastries with Passion - Funny Face Cookies 100g x 6
Pastries with Passion - Apple Crumble Slice (6)
Pastries With Passion - Mickey Mouse Cookie 100g x 6