Voodooo is the brainchild of Mark Nicolls, a man with his priorities in the right place. He recognised the need for an indulgent, wicked brand of treats, and so the "Devilishly Delicious" Voodooo brand was born. Starting with the dangerously addictive Rocky Road, Voodooo now has a range of delicious and funky Rocky Road flavours that include the most luscious ingredients, and a generous amount of them! Voodooo is independently owned, so we can get creative and push the boundaries of decadence! We're always busy working away in the test kitchen to deliver you more indulgent, delicious treats with lots of fun inside. If you haven't yet fallen under the spell of Voodooo, we only have this to say: why not?!! There's never been a better time than right now to enjoy Voodooo!


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36 x Voodoo Rocky Road - Original Rocky Road Voodooo
Voodoo - Rocky Road Original x 36
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