Great Taste

We supply products only of the taste that embraces the saying “to taste good food is a true pleasure of life”. Our products (which are available in the Sydney Metropolitan area and beyond) will have your customers coming back for more.

Competitive Prices

At Satisfine Foods we understand all the costs associated in the Food industry and as such we have negotiated with our suppliers to give the retailer the opportunity to make a healthy margin whilst maintaining a high quality.

Premium Quality

Satisfine Foods is a HACCP accredited Food Distributor that follows the highest quality and service standards. We ensure that quality will not be compromised recognizing the importance of Food Safety in our day to day lives.

100% Australian

The products we carry are all Australian made and owned. We are proud of our heritage and would like to keep it this way.
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    Tempting Winter Accompaniments

    June 30, 2017

    As we approach the middle of winter it’s essential that we provide customers with an ample selection of condiments to compliment their warming food and beverages. At Satisfine Foods, we have a wide variety of jams, sauces, syrups and relishes to help satisfy the customer’s desire for hearty food. Read on to discover some of our favourite winter products that will enhance your menu’s offerings. Yarra Valley Jams - Cranberry & Applesauce Looking for something help finish the perfect winter dish? The Yarra Valley Jams in Applesauce and Cranberry are the best accompaniment to a hot roast pork or turkey this winter. Made from high-quality fruits with a sweet and slightly acidic flavour, the jams are rich in colour flavour...

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    June News

    June 16, 2017

    Some might say June is a cold and bitter month of the year, but we at Satisfine Foods think it’s all about your approach. That is to say, while it’s freezing no matter what, there are certain foods you can capitalise on to make your winter experience much more pleasant. Below are three products we’re featuring for the month of June. Read on to discover how to make June a celebratory month instead of a chilly one. Creamy Pumpkin Soup You might have the sniffles this time of year, a sore throat, a desire for something warm. In that case, look no further than Helen’s Gourmet Soup in Creamy Pumpkin! Thick n’ creamy in style, this smooth pumpkin soup is...

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