Great Taste

We supply products only of the taste that embraces the saying “to taste good food is a true pleasure of life”. Our products (which are available in the Sydney Metropolitan area and beyond) will have your customers coming back for more.

Competitive Prices

At Satisfine Foods we understand all the costs associated in the Food industry and as such we have negotiated with our suppliers to give the retailer the opportunity to make a healthy margin whilst maintaining a high quality.

Premium Quality

Satisfine Foods is a HACCP accredited Food Distributor that follows the highest quality and service standards. We ensure that quality will not be compromised recognizing the importance of Food Safety in our day to day lives.

100% Australian

The products we carry are all Australian made and owned. We are proud of our heritage and would like to keep it this way.
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    3 Healthy Fruit and Nut Combinations

    February 16, 2017

    If you talk to someone who is really knowledgeable about food for long enough, it's likely they'll tell you to eat fruit and nuts - together. Of course, we all know how sweet, satisfying, healthy and full of energy a piece of fruit is. And while most nuts may contain plenty of calories, they're actually comprised of those monounsaturated fats that are really good for you - and your waistline! So what's even better than a snack or meal comprised of fruits or nuts? Answer: a snack or meal comprised of fruits AND nuts, of course! However, those who are really clever about knowing how to properly combine food will know that not just any fruit will go together well...

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    January News

    January 19, 2017

    Happy New Year from the Satisfine Foods Team! Valentine’s Day As you know, while the rest of the world is recovering from New Years break, cafés, restaurants and catering businesses are busily stocking up in time for Saint Valentine’s Day. For this day of love, we’re head over heels for Chocolatier chocolates! They’re an eco-friendly, Aussie brand that’s making a difference with their premium chocolates – food for thought!  Read on to find out why they’re our top pick for V-day customers. Shop Ethical  It’s 2017 and customers are more conscious than ever about the sustainability of food – so you should be too! Chocolatier’s packaging is labelled as recyclable and FSC certified. They’re also a signatory to the National Packaging Covenant...

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