The New Trend of Upcycling Food in 2020

Dec 20, 2019Amy Neumann
The New Trend of Upcycling Food in 2020

According to a new Forbes report, the Upcycling Food Industry was purportedly worth 46.7 billion in 2019 and has a compound annual growth rate of 5% for the next ten years. Here's what it's about and why it's of interest to food manufacturers. 

bananas at supermarket

It wasn't long ago if a banana had too many spots it was placed in the bin before ever reaching a consumers table. Now, however, there's a rising trend of repurposing apparently 'damaged' and 'surplus' food.

Across multiple countries, chefs and food manufacturers are using surplus food to turn them into delicious gourmet creations that taste fantastic.  

upcycled food - fruit roll ups

Image: Divas Can Cook

Not only does this tackle the enormous damage food waste has on any individual country, it is also meeting consumer needs for consciously produced food products. 

Companies Making The Switch

Here are some companies making the switch to upcycled food for the supermarket, table or online.

Barnana - remember the spotty banana we talked about earlier? Well this California-based company has partnered with Latin American farmers to buy the bananas that would otherwise get thrown out. They dehydrate these bananas and turn them into delicious snacks such as Chocolate Banana Bites.

barnana food packaging

Harris Farms Market - a company that's closer to home. You might have noticed, Harris Farms for some time now has decided to sell its 'Imperfect Picks' at half price. Harris Farms hasn't announced how much revenue this has saved them from food wastage but we're betting it's a smarter business move than placing the fruit and veg in the bin. 

imperfect picks

What are your thoughts on the Upcycling Food trend? Also known as the Sustainable Table Movement, we'd love to know what you think and if you've ever considered this option.