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Retailer Interview: Kevin Hu from Fluid Espresso

1. Can you tell us about Fluid Espresso Cafe and how it began?

I came to Sydney from Singapore. In Singapore I studied accounting and was an electrical engineer. When I started in Sydney, I wanted to create a community around me and work in a business where I talk to people everyday. That’s why Rudi (my business partner) and I began Fluid Espresso in Alexandria. Three and a half years later we are still going strong.

fluid cafe 

2. When customers come to Fluid Espresso what will they experience?

We like to give you a personal and reliable experience every time. Each day it’s the same faces serving the coffee and food. I’m the barista, Rudi helps with waiting and manages the kitchen staff. At Fluid, you can always expect the people to be friendly and the food delicious.

The cafe is nice too. We have lots of plants, drop-down ceiling lights, and shutter doors so it's very open, light and airy. 

kevin hu from fluid cafe

3. How do you find working with Satisfine Foods as a retailer?

Satisfine is great! They’re our local wholesaler and they are always reliable at providing quality food. 

Next day delivery is available for Alexandria cafes and we also appreciate that they're flexible with their orders and payment options. We only have to call to change an order or delivery date, for example.

hot milk

4. What Satisfine Foods products do you on-sell at Fluid Espresso? How do you find their quality?

We buy Satisfine's Brookfarm Cranberry and Macadamia Muesli and use it in our fruit salad granolas. The granolas are very popular as a result, especially in summer. We’ve tried other muesli in the past but nothing matches the quality and crunch of Brookfarm's toasted muesli.

satisfine granola

5. Last question, what's the best item to try on the Fluid Espresso menu?!

It's in our name. Apart from the granola fruit salads, our espressos are bestsellers. In summer, people also love to try our specialty ice piccolos.

kevin owner of fluid cafe pouring coffee

Our thanks to Kevin from Fluid Cafe for letting Satisfine Foods interview him and the staff. If you're ever at 157 Queen St in Alexandria, make sure stop by and say hi. Kevin and the team will serve you great coffee and muesli, with a smile. 

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