Summer Trend: Dairy-free Iced Coffee

Nov 11, 2016Mark Lenga
Summer Trend: Dairy-free Iced Coffee

The latest trend in summer drinks is delicious, light and refreshing dairy free iced coffee. With a vast range of dairy free milk alternatives available including soy milk, almond milk and coconut milk, you're sure to find an iced coffee version you'll love!

Why are dairy free drinks becoming so popular?

A recent study released by the CSIRO has revealed that one in six Australians are choosing a dairy-free lifestyle for health-related reasons.

What are some of the side effects experienced from dairy consumption?

The side effects that can be experienced from dairy consumption range from congestion, bloating and gas to cancer and diabetes.

While many Australians are forced to make the switch to dairy-free iced coffee and a broad range of other dairy-free drinks due to lactose intolerance, a diet high in animal protein, such as dairy, could leave you four times more likely to die from cancer or diabetes if you are aged under 65.

This is also a major reason why dairy-free iced coffee and other dairy-free beverages are trending as the summer drink of choice.

Cow-friendly milk alternatives

Another integral factor as to why Australians are opting for dairy free iced coffee this summer is because they want a cow-friendly alternative. As millions of bobby calves are slaughtered soon after birth to enable their mothers to produce milk for the dairy industry, it's no wonder that customers are now demanding dairy free beverage alternatives from cafes and restaurants, as well as for event catering.

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