Summer Menu Must-Haves

Oct 31, 2016Mark Lenga
Summer Menu Must-Haves

The long, cold winter days are finally drawing to a close and summer is nearly upon us. Along with the warmer weather comes warm days spent relaxing on the beach, picnics and, of course, summer food. Summertime brings with it delicious seasonal food and it is time to get excited about the kinds of dishes you can serve up on your menu this hot season.

Grilled food

Summer wouldn’t be summer without a barbie. It’s time to clean out your kitchen’s flame grill and get it ready for the months ahead! Be creative and think beyond the simple steaks and burgers and consider other grilled foods like kebabs, seafood and vegetables. There are so many ideas of what you can grill – even fruit for dessert! – that it pays to be creative.


With the warmer weather comes outdoor seating, and if you plan on adding tables and chairs outside your restaurant, then you can’t go wrong with some light appetisers. Simple finger food like watermelon and feta, or Mexican corn on the cob can be delicious and easy to put together, delighting your clientele.

Summer salads

Salads are extra tasty when they’re cold and refreshing and weather is burning up outside. Throw together leafy greens with seasonal fruit and veg, and you can pull together something delicious and impressive in no time at all. If you want a salad that is substantial enough to serve as a meal, incorporate meats such as chicken or bacon, or add heavier vegetables such as potatoes or beans.

Refreshing drinks

Fruit punches and champagne cocktails are perfect for the summer season and you can’t go wrong with adding these refreshing drinks to your menu. Consider non-alcoholic lemonade or home made iced tea, and get creative with pretty fruit inspired garnishes.

Light desserts

Skip the heavy puddings in the hotter weather and instead whip up some light desserts such as pavlova and homemade ice cream. A sweet ending to a summer dinner is always a great way to leave a good impression in the minds of your customers. What is your favourite summertime dish to serve at your restaurant? We’re sure you must have a few.

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