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Winter Must-Haves

Winter is no longer on its way - it’s here and we can all feel it. Temperatures are dropping to 9 degrees each morning and night and everyone is wanting elusive sources of warmth to get them through the days. Well, Satisfine to the rescue! Here are some winter recommendations from the Satisfine Foods team, to help you and your customers warm up during these colder winter months.

Muffin Mania

Noshu White Choc Raspberry Muffin

Who doesn’t love a freshly baked muffin to start their day off right? Currently, Satisfine has two muffin brands that your customers are sure to love. Helen’s European Cuisine boasts a beautiful butterscotch white muffin her famous apple and date muffin. Both flavours are sure to warm up your customer's hearts and tummies. However, if you know your customers have a sweet tooth but also want to be healthy this winter, have no fear, Noshu, the no sugar brand is here. They have delicious, no sugar muffins available in flavours such as double choc, orange and poppy seed or white choc raspberry Check out Noshu’s range to see what everyone is raving about.

Savory Pastries

Silly Yaks Savory Pastries

Looking to the savoury side of things, winter is the time when sausage rolls, pies and quiches reign supreme in an Australian customers heart. Silly Yaks is on top of their game creating delicious savoury pastries such as their mouth-watering mixed pack of pies and rolls, their party spinach roll and their deep tin chicken pies. All of these options are perfect for catering winter events and for keeping customers satisfied at the local cafe or pub. When the weather is freezing there is nothing like a toasty pie or roll with tomato sauce on top! It’s the Australian way of life - wouldn’t you agree?

Coffee & Cake

Looma's Ferrero Rocher Cake

Last but certainly not least, are some coffee and cake recommendations. While the northern hemisphere normally indulges in sweet treats and delicious hot brews around Christmas time, for us, June/July is the period where people are most likely to want a nice coffee and cake at the local cafe with friends. That’s why we recommend stocking up on coffee syrups such as DFT Cafe’s hazelnut, vanilla or caramel. Additionally, why not make sure you’ve got the latest milk substitute for those who have an intolerance? Try Freedom Food’s Extra Milky Soy for those who are gluten free, nut free and lactose-free. Otherwise, their Almond Breeze blend is also highly popular.  For cake options (our favourite part), Satisfine recommends Loomas whole cakes, including the stunning Ferro Rocher cake or the caramelised white chocolate cheesecake. Loomas also has a great gluten free range that’s perfect because you won’t need a gluten allergy to want a piece. We love their chocolate truffle cake, their flourless salted caramel cake, or their gluten free friands in pistachio, berry and almond.  


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