Why Macadamias Are Christmas Favourites

When reminiscing about Christmas, who can forget the rich, buttery taste of macadamia nuts served as part of the holiday feast? Macadamia nuts are ideal to whet your guests' taste buds before the main event of turkey, ham and sides, or as a moreish complement to the meal. Unseasoned nuts are also great for those with a gluten or dairy intolerance. What makes macadamia nuts such a popular Christmas treat is they can be added to so many dishes, enhanced with spicy or sweet flavours, or even enjoyed traditionally, oven roasted and lightly salted.

Macadamia Christmas cake, fruit mince tarts and puddings

Macadamias have a delicious, nutty flavour that really enhances the taste of Christmas cakes, fruit mince tarts and puddings. For fresh, oven-roasted macadamias to add some flair to your Christmas desserts, check out our range of nut mixes.

Spiced macadamia nuts

It's always a good idea to have some snacks available for your guests if the Christmas ham or turkey is taking longer than expected. Spiced macadamia nuts are the perfect snack option because they can be enjoyed liberally without being too filling. You can even add a Christmas twist to traditional macadamias by adding a coating of cinnamon sugar or, for a quick and easy savoury snack option, we have a great range of tantalising spiced macadamias at Satisfine Foods, such as oven roasted with black pepper or Kashmiri chilli.

Macadamia stuffing or crust

To give your trimmings the edge, macadamia nuts are a mouthwatering ingredient to add to your stuffing mix at Christmas. You can use macadamia nuts for stuffing in your rolled pork, as well as combine these in your turkey or chicken stuffing with sage. For those who love seafood for Christmas, macadamia crusted salmon or barramundi is always a crowd pleaser.

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