Tempting Winter Accompaniments

Jun 30, 2017Mark Lenga
Tempting Winter Accompaniments

As we approach the middle of winter it’s essential that we provide customers with an ample selection of condiments to compliment their warming food and beverages. At Satisfine Foods, we have a wide variety of jams, sauces, syrups and relishes to help satisfy the customer’s desire for hearty food. Read on to discover some of our favourite winter products that will enhance your menu’s offerings.

Yarra Valley Jams - Cranberry & Applesauce

Looking for something help finish the perfect winter dish? The Yarra Valley Jams in Applesauce and Cranberry are the best accompaniment to a hot roast pork or turkey this winter. Made from high-quality fruits with a sweet and slightly acidic flavour, the jams are rich in colour flavour and aroma. They also contain no additives, preservatives or artificial colours and flavours. Made to enhance the taste and satisfaction of a hearty Sunday roast, these jams will tantalise any pork or turkey loving customers.

Yarra Valley Jams - Marmalade & Apricot Jam

The perfect accompaniment for breakfast toasts and bircher mueslis, Yarra Valley’s Breakfast Marmalade and Apricot Jam is sourced from the highest quality local fruit and produce, meaning any meal the spreads are applied to will be enhanced. Lather on these halal and kosher certified jams to create mouthwatering breakfast meals that are sure to be a success. Both provide a vibrant orange to enhance your plate, these jams not only taste delicious, they also add interest and colour to the plate that photographs amazingly.

Coffee Syrup

DFT Cafe has a range of syrups in the flavours, hazelnut, vanilla, and caramel that are sure to be popular add-ons this winter as hot, delicious coffee becomes more and more essential. The premium syrups create a smooth, silky taste that is not overly sugary or artificial. Guaranteed to make yours (and your patrons) heart sing, these coffee syrups are the perfect indulgent treat to warm up the body and mind on days when it is chillingly cold.

When the feeling of warmth is missing we reach for artificial means to keep us fulfilled. Do you have a favourite winter time condiment or flavour enhancer? Please get in contact and let us know. We’d love to hear from you.