November News

Gluten free doesn’t mean Christmas-free!

November is all about Christmas preparation, a time to think about how to make as many people as happy as possible. When it comes to owning a cafe or restaurant, it can be tough to stay upbeat throughout this busy time of year. There are large decisions to make, considering everything from beautiful Christmas lights to individual dietary requirements.

Fortunately, these days, food allergies are well catered for and some revolutionary brands are bringing out alternative products that are, dare we say, challenging the originals in terms of taste. See what Satisfine Foods has to offer this festive season!

Gingerbread for all!

gingerbread men

Gingerbread is a wonderful thing, it can be moulded into every shape imaginable and cooked to be crunchy or soft. You can even build a house with it! Kez’s take on the all-time classic makes this Christmas tradition accessible to whole new group of people with their delicious Gluten Free Gingerbread Man. Even those of you who don’t have a gluten intolerance can choose these treats as a more guilt-free option this silly season.

Christmas pudding by the slice?


Brownie Point have put their own spin Christmas pudding, making Christmas day that little bit easier.Their gluten free take on the Christmas classic is not only DELICIOUS but is available by the slice! This gives everyone the freedom to choose what type of Christmas pudding they want this year, the ultimate crowd pleaser! The personalisation even goes one step further; you can choose between square or triangle cut slabs.

That cookie look

Byron bay cookies

You know that look on a person’s face when you give them a cookie? Ok now hold that happiness and times it by 12. That is what your Christmas could look like with Byron Bay Cookies’ Gluten Free White Choc Macadamia Gift BoxThese beautifully packaged taste sensations are the perfect present for anyone from Aunty Jean to Great Grandson Billy. They can be shared around the table right there and then or snuck into a bag for individual consumption on a rainy day.