Naturally Sweet Treats

May 12, 2017Mark Lenga
Naturally Sweet Treats

We are all becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of sugar. According to some studies, sugar is found to be as addictive as drugs. There’s no doubt sugar is a highly addictive substance, but how are we, as a society, able to break free from sugary sugar? Enter the increasingly popular ‘sugar-free’ food labels. Brands that advertise ‘no added sugar’ or ‘sugar-free’ are becoming more successful than ever with consumers. With this in mind, here are three Satisfine Food products that sport a ‘low-to-no sugar’ label.

Googys Natural Protein Bar

Googys is a new brand to the Satisfine Foods family. Its range consists of protein bars that have a long list of benefits. Among them, is the label no added sugar. Instead, Googy’s rely on winning natural fruit combinations to achieve a deliciously healthy and naturally sweet treat. Each bar includes fruits such as dates and blueberries that are naturally high in fructose. No nasty chemical additives or artificial sugars such as corn syrup are added. We predict this, plus the natural protein found in the bar, will make them highly popular among parents and vegetarians.

Brookfarm Macadamia Powerfood

These days, in cafes and breakfast spots around the country, it’s not uncommon to hear customers asking about the contents of their food. The demand for consumer information is higher than ever. Introducing Brookfarm’s Macadamia Powerfood, the perfect granola crunch to place atop of yoghurts and in smoothies. You can assure your customers, if they ask, that the muesli has no added sugar. Not only that, but Powerfood also has low amounts of natural sugar (96% sugar-free!). Popular with the Paleo and ketogenic crowd, this low-carb, low-sugar muesli is a highly desirable market item that if you market it well, will be flying off the shelves.

NOSHU Muffins (Gluten Free)

As we mentioned earlier, giving up or reducing sugar is seriously difficult. However, the desire to reduce sugar intake is also strong amongst consumers. So, make it easier on your customers by providing food options that mean they don’t have to forego their favourite treats. Noshu has a range of delicious muffins in flavours such as ‘double choc’, ‘white choc raspberry’, ‘orange and poppy seed’. You might think that these types of flavours would have to include tons of sugars. Well, you’d be wrong. The brand Noshu actually stands for ‘no sugar’. Each muffin contains no added sugar, and they’re 99% sugar-free. They're also free of gluten, dairy, nuts, artificial colours, preservatives, and are high in prebiotic fibre. If we were faced between a Noshu muffin and a regular high fat, high sugar muffin – we know which one we’d choose.

So, when considering sweets for your pantry or display unit, consider choosing items that are low in sugar, low in artificial sweeteners (which are recognised to be just as harmful as sugar itself), and opt for sugar-free or low-sugar options that use all natural ingredients. We promise your customers will still be sweet on you!