May News

May 24, 2017Mark Lenga

Winter is on its way! And as the days get shorter, chillier, and rainer, we know customers around Australia are going to be wanting some warming, comfort foods to help them feel a little bit better. Here are some of Satisfine’s top winter warmers to help you and your customers deal with the colder winter weather.

Bondi Chai

Who doesn’t love an amazing chai latte to wrap their hands around on a cold and wet day? Bondi Chai is a gold medal winning, Australian latte-style chai that is currently leading the race for the most delicious chai.

Made from fine flavours that include dry-powdered black tea blend, honey, milk powder, sugar and a unique collection of ‘comfort spices’, Bondi Chai also boasts that it’s manufactured in Australia from 99.5% Australian ingredients, and, of course, it’s wholly Australian owned.

Helen’s European Cuisine

The creator behind Helen’s European Cuisine is the genius cook Helen Zeniou. She has been inspired by her love of family, European heritage, and years of experience in the food industry to create mouth-wateringly delicious soups, quiches, lasagnes, and filo wraps that are hearty and wholesome. Now is the time to stock up on Helen’s heartwarmers. No one is going to want salad come June! You can check out the Helen’s full range under her 'Helen’s European Cuisine’ page in our catalogue.


Chef's Edge

Another winter warmer, Chef’s Edge features frozen food for catering and cafes that is competitively delicious. Featuring a range of trendsetting foods including their arancini balls, risotto balls, Peking Duck spring rolls, and oregano meatballs everything from the range is comforting and tasty to give Chef’s Edge the, er, edge. As a brand that promises quality, Chef’s Edge can be trusted to bring customer satisfaction every time. 

One small note, we are constantly looking to update the way we approach the business of fine, wholesale foods, especially those foods that cater to a crowd with special dietary requirements. So, we’re proud to announce we are working on a website update that will provide a nutritional guide for all products featured on Satsifine’s site. We appreciate customers are curious about the nutritional content of their food and we want to cater to that need, so stay tuned for the upcoming update.

What winter foods are your favourite to indulge in for the cooler months? Spicy pumpkin soup or sweet Portuguese tarts? Do you plan to stock up on warmer food products for the upcoming season? Get in touch and let us know, we’d love to help you with any questions you may have.