June News

Some might say June is a cold and bitter month of the year, but we at Satisfine think it’s all about approach. That is to say, while it’s freezing no matter what, there are certain foods you can capitalise on to make your winter experience much more pleasant. Below are three products we’re featuring for the month of June. Read on to discover how to make June a celebratory month instead of a chilly one.

Creamy Pumpkin Soup

helens gourmet soup, creamy pumpkin

You might have the sniffles this time of year, a sore throat, a desire for something warm. In that case, look no further than Helen’s Gourmet Soup in Creamy Pumpkin! Thick n’ creamy in style, this smooth pumpkin soup is perfectly seasoned with ground nutmeg, cracked pepper and fresh pumpkin. Available in 2.5 litres with a storage limit of 10 months, smack a dollop of sour cream or parmesan on this soup (or both) and have your customers cooing with delight over this warm, hot, textured bowl that is bursting with pumpkin richness. 

The Rosella Lamington Cookie

byron bay cookies, rosella lamington

The Byron Bay Cookies’ limited edition Rosella Lamington just became complimentary across all Qantas flights, domestic and international. Made with coconut and delicious rosella jelly (a native Australian flowers) there’s no better way to feel patriotic and satisfy a sweet craving in cold, hard June than with the delicious Rosella Lamington cookie.

Pride Month

byron bay, pride cookie, limited edition

On another note, did you know June is gay pride month? The LGBTQ community comes together to celebrate this month in honour of the 1969 Stonewall riots that occurred in Manhattan. For June, Byron Bay Cookies is continuing to release their limited edition Pride Cookie, created with master chef, Christine Manfield. The cookie comes in the shape of a love-heart with rainbow coloured chocolates interspersed throughout. Wrapped in gorgeous rainbow packaging, the cookie is a sweet tribute to the love behind gay pride. Check out the limited edition Pride Cookie and feel the love this June.

So there you go! It’s all about how you approach the winter weather in June. Do you accept that it’s cold and miserable or do you say ‘life must go on, so my customers and I will endure with hot pumpkin soup and delicious cookies’? We at Satisfine advocate the later. We hope you will too.