January News

Jan 19, 2017Mark Lenga
January News

Happy New Year from the Satisfine Foods Team!

Valentine’s Day

As you know, while the rest of the world is recovering from New Years break, cafés, restaurants and catering businesses are busily stocking up in time for Saint Valentine’s Day.

For this day of love, we’re head over heels for Chocolatier chocolates! They’re an eco-friendly, Aussie brand that’s making a difference with their premium chocolates – food for thought!  Read on to find out why they’re our top pick for V-day customers.

Shop Ethical 

It’s 2017 and customers are more conscious than ever about the sustainability of food – so you should be too! Chocolatier’s packaging is labelled as recyclable and FSC certified. They’re also a signatory to the National Packaging Covenant – very sexy!

Want to get a close up? Check out their beautifully packaged Chocolatier 6 Pack Hearts range in red and pink.

Socially Responsible

Chocolatier’s boasts a unique position in the chocolate world, it’s the first Fairtrade chocolate manufacturer in Australia! Chocolatier’s wrapping notes their Fairtrade status, making them a first choice for loved ones this year. The brand also has long term partnerships with the National Breast Cancer Foundation and Children’s Hospital Foundation, which they regularly campaign for.

So, romance your customers with feel-good chocolate. We recommend the Pure Indulgence Chocolate Assortment (gold) or Chocolatier Tent Pack Hearts (pink) to sweep them off their feet!


Chocolatier has manufactured premium chocolates in Australia since 1985. It’s a family owned business that employs Aussie workers. All boxes sport the ‘Australian Made’ logo, which helps consumers have confidence in the products origin.

We think Australian chocolates are the perfect gift for Australian lovers.  Prediction: Chocolatier Wrapped Bulk Chocolate Hearts (red) will be a hit on February 14.

Artisan Chocolates 

On the day of love there is one thing customers look for above all else – passion! Chocolatier lovingly produces exquisite, European-style pralines and hand-molded chocolates using the finest Belgian couverture.

Check out their Pure Indulgence Truffles and Gourmet Collection Dark Chocolates to see what we mean!

You can see our entire 2017 Valentine’s Day range here.

Head to our website to stock up before the big day, we sell out fast!