Healthy Easter Treats

Mar 14, 2017Mark Lenga

Here at Satisfine Foods, our philosophy is to cater to all dietary requirements, not just some. That’s why a lot of our treats and products are gluten free, dairy free, sugar-free or just cater to a more health conscious crowd. With that being said, here are our top three healthy treat ideas for your customers this upcoming Easter season.

Chocolatier's 70% Dark Chocolate & Mint Leaves

Chocolatiers have recently released a 70% Dark Chocolate Egg with Mint. It’s the perfect combination. Not only is dark chocolate one of the best sources of antioxidants on the planet, making it a healthier egg-sperience at Easter, but if you're a mint lover, enjoying a healthier egg will be made even more appealing. Why? Because everyone knows mint + dark chocolate = a match made in heaven! ;)

Chocolatier's Macadamia, Sultana and Coconut Milk Egg 

Sometimes being healthy in not just about skipping sugar, it can also be a state of mind. By enjoying natural flavours instead of artificial sweeteners, a maturity is added to our palate. This translates to us not losing our heads over junk food. Natural sweats to our treats also lessen our need for artificial add-ins. That’s why customers will be choc-crazy for Chocolatier's Macadamia, Sultana and Coconut milk egg. Sweet sultanas and coconuts, combined with the earthy flavour of macadamias wrapped in gooey chocolate is sure to be an off-the-shelves hit.

Chocolatier's Loose Sweet & Spicy Hot X Bun Chocolates 

Often, what’s healthy is not the treat itself but the size it comes in. The Chocolatier’s Sweet and Spicy Hot X Bun chocolate not only looks and tastes amazing, it also comes in 48 unit boxes, so everyone in the family can enjoy a bite sized piece! For those of us who abide by the rule, everything in moderation, the Sweet & Spicy Hot X Bun will really pack a pint-sized punch. Small and satisfying, we predict the Hot X Bun chocolate will be success. Because, whether you’re a customer or supplier, we all recognise there is nothing healthier at Easter time, than simply moderating your chocolate intake.

So there you have it! Those are our predictions for healthy treats customers will love this Easter. Do you agree? We'd love to get your feedback. Get in touch and let us know your predictions. What will be the next crunchy gooey (and healthy) chocolate sensation this festive season?