COVID 19 Update + How You Can Help Local Businesses

Apr 15, 2020Elephant Room
COVID 19 Update + How You Can Help Local Businesses

COVID 19 has had a shocking impact on the world's global economy. In Australia alone, 70% in the hospitality sector have been forced to reduce staff hours with one in 10 pausing trading altogether!

Here at Satisfine Foods it's 'business as usual' with no delays to deliveries in NSW or ACT; however, we know many of the small businesses we work with closely are suffering right now. So here are a few tips for how you can be an everyday hero and help small business out while we continue to deal with the COVID 19 pandemic. 

Order Takeaway From Your Local Cafe

brews bros

Rudi Hariman's cafe 'Brews Bros' in Chippendale, @brewsbroscp

Many cafes and local pubs are being innovative and providing 'pick up' lunches or even offering 'at home' delivery for families that want great quality, home-style meals. 

Please, don't be shy about ordering this way and continuing to support them! In a time when everyone is utilising the drive-through at McDonalds, think about giving some love to pubs and cafes that are now seeing far less foot-traffic.

Leave A Positive Review 

While 'staying at home' (which everyone should be doing) we're bound to have more time on our hands. If you have a spare moment, think about paying it forward and writing a positive review for a favourite cafe or restaurant you attended recently.

Word of mouth really does help a business and this a free way you can do some good.  If you want to review Satisfine Foods our 'Facebook Reviews' is ready and waiting! :)

Promote Local Businesses Online 

Kevin's cafe Fluid Espresso

Kevin Hu's cafe 'Fluid Espresso' at 157 Queen St, Beaconsfield - they have great coffee!

Take a snap of getting takeout from your local store and post it to your socials. Recommend people to try this and #supportlocal. The more we normalise take out and home delivery, the more likely these businesses can survive the corona downturn.

Buy A Gift Voucher Or Merch 

Need to buy someone a gift? Get them a dinner for two at their favourite restaurant. Many businesses are now offering long-expiry gift vouchers that can be redeemed post-corona. Another opportunity is to buy someone (or yourself) a t-shirt from e.g. your favourite steakhouse. A great way to kill two birds with one stone during COVID craziness. 

Wash Your Hands!

Without being too harsh, you have a civic duty now to wash hands as thoroughly as possible whenever you go outdoors. If you're feeling sick remember to stay at home. The more careful we are, the faster we'll get through this and things can get back to normal #flattenthecurve.

How are you helping your locals through this crazy time? Leave your thoughts or tell us about a business you love in the comments below.