Madhouse Bakehouse

Madhouse Bakehouse - Gluten Free Fancy Blueberry Friands x 6


These fancy little cakes are friands taken to a whole other level and they are gluten free!

Blueberry -These golden brown almond friands contain plump blueberries. They’re drizzled with lemon icing and decorated with edible calendula and cornflowers.

Ingredients: SUGAR EGGS WHITE PASTEURISED BUTTER UNSALTED (Milk Fat, Water, Milk Solids Non-Fat) ALMONDS GLUTEN-FREE FLOUR MIX (Rice Flour, Potato Starch, Xanthan Gum (Soy)) BLUEBERRIES 8% LEMON JUICE GLUTEN FREE BAKING POWDER (Mineral Salts (500,541,341), Rice Flour) CANOLA OIL SPRAY (Canola Oil, Soy Lecithin) ALMOND ESSENCE (Water, Glycerine, Natural Flavour, Vegetable Gums.) DRIED EDIBLE FLOWERS