Brookfarm Nutty Granola Food Service Bags - Maple & Vanilla 5kg x 2

SKU: BFNUTGRAN4kg ISBN: (01)(15)240419(10)54252

Brookfarm Nutty Granola: Maple & Vanilla is a crunchy, nutty breakfast offering that is savoured from the first mouthful to the bottom of the bowl. This delicious medley of premium nuts, coconut, super grains and seeds is baked with a drizzle of maple syrup and a hint of vanilla.Serve with a dollop of yoghurt or with milk. 

It contains 2 units per box and has a shelf life of 12 months with a weight of  5kg each bag. 

  • Fruit free
  • Almonds, pecans, macadamias
  • Protein rich flaxseed
  • Roasted coconut

With your first purchase of these items, you are entitled to a labelled tub for easy storage and use during service!