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Wicked Fudge is a 100% Australian owned family business and the person behind the Wicked Fudge brand, Kevin Berwick has a passion for great tasting fudge (and coffee) and says when we started Wicked Fudge we had an ideal and commitment to build a reputation for delivering consistent quality, individuality and character. Wicked Fudge is fully HACCP accredited and as such, complies with the strictest health guidelines in the preparation of our Wicked Fudge.

Only the finest ingredients are used, and if you ever have the pleasure of indulging in a piece of Wicked Fudge, I am sure you would agree the taste and texture are irresistible!

At present Wicked Fudge is available in Caramel flavour and is found exclusively in café's and coffee shops. So next time you are out an about enjoying a great coffee at your favourite café, don't forget to look out for Wicked Fudge and remember it's “Gluten Free” and contains less than Half the fat of chocolate and some cookies. Actually one piece contains only 2.6 grams of fat and is only 87 calories.

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