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The story of Fino starts a while ago in a little shop down a cobblestone lane-way in Melbourne. 

This was when webegan  cooking and refining his beautiful fruit flavoured pectin Jells. It was just a small and personal business selling beautiful, indulgent, delicious confectionaries. It was here where we fell in love with the delicate nature of the pectin jell - the natural alternative to gelatine. Apart from being free from artifical stuff, we just loved the way it holds and releases beautiful flavours and the slow, silky, melt in the mouth experience. Everything about it says quality.

We decided to share our jells with more people so we built a bigger kitchen and from there the business has grown to become the Fino we know and love today.  So what is pectin and why do we use it? Well, pectin is a naturally occurring fibre that effectively holds plants and vegetables together. So we learnt from nature and we use pectin to hold the delicate flavours and colours of the natural world.  It’s the cleanest and best way to deliver real flavour naturally.

Fino is committed to quality and purity. At Fino we want to do it right or not at all. It’s just part of who we are. Fino’s ingredients are natural and free of gluten and animal products making our jells perfect for those with gluten intolerances or a desire to stick to a vegan or Kosher diet.  And doing things the right way has its rewards. The use of all natural ingredients produces a jell just the way nature intended- a full, delicious, fresh flavour with a silky smooth texture.

We think Fino is the perfect natural confectionery and we hope you like it too!!

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