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TREND: The Easter Egg Packaging Customers Love

Easter is but a hop and skip away and we're all anxiously getting ready for the upcoming chocolate spree. But before we put all our eggs in one basket (pardon the pun) let's do some research into what packaging customers love most.

Here's some of the latest research on what easter egg packaging customers love. 

Punderful Concepts

Customers love easter chocolate that mixes up traditional concepts of an Easter egg. Novelty eggs like Hotel Chocolat’s 'Egg Sandwich' or even Chocolatier's Sweet & Spicy Hot X Bun Milk Chocolates are great examples of this:

Extravagant Luxe Packaging

2016 studies found that customers want a balance between luxe packaging that shows off the Easter egg and environmental responsibility. A good balance of both seems to be an important line to walk for customers in 2019. 

Chocolatier Pure Milk Chocolate Foiled Egg 

Socially Conscious, Healthful Brands

Companies with health-conscious eggs easily recognised in the packaging were undeniably popular according to studies. 

Chocolatiers Australia: Fair Trade No Added Sugar Milk Chocolate Egg 

We predict this Chocolatiers Australia egg with visible Fairtrade logo and Stevia sweetening label will be extremely popular this chocolate season. 

What do you think will be popular for the Easter season upcoming? If you're interested in the products mentioned above, check out the Satisfine Foods Easter egg catalogue for 2019!  


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