The Problem With Cafe Banana Bread

Aug 05, 2016Mark Lenga
The Problem With Cafe Banana Bread

Banana Bread

It's not too much of an exaggeration to say that banana bread is taking the world by storm. This really shouldn't come as much of a surprise, with bananas racing past apples as the world's most popular fruit some time ago, now standing as the fourth most prominent food staple behind rice, wheat and corn.

And when made into a bread, bananas have a useful life even when they are long past their prime - in fact, the browner and squishier the banana, the better the banana bread!

Banana Bread Taking Cafes By Storm

Banana Bread

The world over, a new favourite for cafe diners to combine with their coffee is banana bread, with the balance of the sweet flavour and starchiness working perfectly in the form of a cake or bread.

In cafes all over Australia, banana bread is particularly popular. Cooks cut it into thick slices and toast it, and it can make the perfect breakfast or middle of the day snack in combination with a flat white, tea or cappuccino.

The Country Chef Bakery Co. banana bread

Although the banana breads one typically finds in a cafe are delicious, the Country Chef Bakery Co. has come up with an even better solution.

How's it better?

Banana Bread Butter

The Country Chef has got the recipe for Australian banana bread just right, with the ideal combination and balance of flavour, moisture and texture. It's ready to be toasted, grilled, or served just as it is straight away with that Aussie favourite serving of butter on top or dialled up with something like ricotta and honey - yum.

Individually wrapped

Chef Co Banana Bread

The recipe - headlined by 25% all-Australian bananas - is just right, but that's not all. The Country Chef Bakery Co.'s banana bread comes in handy eight packs of individually-wrapped, single-serving 90 g slices, making it the ideal sit-down snack as well as the perfect on-the-go nibble.

The Country Chef Bakery Co.'s banana breads are also smarter than traditional cafe bananas breads because they last longer - frozen, they'll last no less than nine months, and after they're thawed, a full seven days.


Chef Co Choc Chip Banana Bread

Yet still that is not all! The Country Chef Bakery Co. has tried to think of every winning flavour combination it can, when just banana is not quite enough. Among the flavours on offer are pear and sweet raspberry, pecan, orange and carrot, choc chip, and delicious and nourishing muesli, apple and cranberry.

If your favourite breakfast is a cuppa and banana bread, make The Country Chef Bakery Co. banana bread your next purchase - we know you won't be disappointed!