The MilkLab Co Barista Range

Sep 08, 2017Mark Lenga

It’s getting warmer. Brunch with friends on the weekend and cafe culture is slowly coming back into style. Satisfine Foods is therefore pleased to announce right in time with the warmer weather, a brand new barista brand, Milk Lab. Featuring lactose-free milk alternatives we know customers will love, here are three of their star products.  

Almond Milk

Milklab Co Almond Milk

Thick, creamy, vegan and vegetarian friendly, almond milk is incredibly popular, and even better, the MilkLab team have redesigned the experience with fresh, all-white, Instagrammable packaging that’s sleek and minimal. Not to mention, the almond milk is fresh, silky - inspired by the textures, tastes and stretches of regular coffee milk.

Coconut Milk

This is a truly exciting new product. MilkLab’s coconut milk is actually Australia’s first locally produced coconut barista milk. Tested and validated with Australian baristas, we predict coconut milk is going to be a huge hit with vegans, lactose free cafe-goers, and anyone who enjoys experimental milk-substitutes. It’s also the perfect complement to fruity bircher muesli and smoothies. Get in quick with coconut milk, it’ll be flying off the shelves.

Lactose Free Milk

Of course, if you’re a traditionalist at heart, but still want to cater to dairy free coffee drinkers, MilkLab has a lactose free milk that’s 2% fat for optimal stretching of milk into foam. 100% Australian dairy packaged fresh within 24hrs of milking, there is absolutely no compromise on performance - you’ll have your customers asking - ‘are you sure you used lactose-free milk in my coffee?’

A big, warm welcome to the MilkLab team. With your sleek, minimal packaging, and your unbeatable smooth and fresh dairy substitutes, perfect for barista work, we know you’ll find success in your products, and we wish you all the luck!

The next time your making your cup of morning Jo, we implore you to put the brand new MilkLab variations to the test: we're certain you won’t be disappointed.