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The Best Cooking Shows to Watch Right Now On Netflix

Quarantine restrictions are slowly easing but even so, many of us have extra time on our hands. While there are exciting TV dramas and hilarious comedies to watch - if you want low-stakes, know-what-to-expect TV - might we suggest some fabulous cooking competition shows?

Here are some of our favourite binge-able foodie shows (pun intended) to put on the telly. 

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown 

Be inspired as the late culinary legend, Anthony Bourdain, goes off to parts unknown and discovers cultural dishes of excellence. 

Image: Netflix

Nailed It!

Love a good amateur baking show? Nailed It is perfect. Amateur bakers compete to 'nail' complex cakes and confections. It's hilarious to watch. 

Image: Netflix

Sugar Rush

Face paced yet sweet, Sugar Rush is sure to give you a sweet tooth as contestants battle it out to prove who has the best baking skills in the business. 

Image: Netflix

Chef's Table

Love beautifully made homemade meals? Chef's Table is is foodie porn and provides insight into the home-cooks who lovingly prepare their masterpieces. 

Image: Netflix

The Big Family Cooking Showdown 

A family version of Masterchef, families get together and battle it out for the top spot over 30+ episodes.

Image: Netflix

What's your favourite cooking show right now? Do you prefer food docs or competition reality TV? Let us know in the comments below.  

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