The Anti-Inflammation Diet: What Is It & Does It Work?

Nov 01, 2019Elephant Room
The Anti-Inflammation Diet: What Is It & Does It Work?

It seems everyone is talking about inflammation these days and how to avoid it. But what is inflammation and does the anti-inflammation diet actually help it? We investigated. 

What Is Inflammation?

Inflammation is where the body's immune system produces an inflammatory response against some auto-immune diseases, such as arthritis. 

Do Keto & Anti-Inflammation Diets Help?

While medications and other treatments are important for those with or at risk of auto-immune diseases, such as arthritis and even Alzhimers, adopting an anti-inflammatory diet may help too, according to scientific studies, although disagreement remains on how to go about this. 

What To Eat?

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In a nutshell, many anti-inflammatory foods are those that a mainstream dietician would encourage you to eat. Wholefoods such as fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, and natural proteins are encouraged. 

It's for this reason that some keto foods can be considered beneficial and aligned with anti-inflammatory foods.  

What Not To Eat? 

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What-not-to-eat includes all the usual suspects - anything highly processed, full of trans fats or artificial sugars isn't considered a good option.

However, surprisingly, there are a few foods that scientists disagree on whether or not they should be banned. Wheat, barley and rye - foods high in gluten are advised by some to be avoided.

With the rise in keto and anti-inflammation diets, we predict an even greater trend in the coming years towards wholefoods, plant-based alternatives, #glutenfree options, low-sugar treats, low-fat dairy etc.

What are your thoughts on the anti-inflammation diet? We'd love to hear your opinion. Let us know in the comments below!