Taste the Milk Lab Difference! 🥛

Feb 12, 2024Mark Lenga
Taste the Milk Lab Difference! 🥛

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Indulge in the Finest Dairy Alternatives with Milk Lab!
Looking for the perfect dairy alternative that doesn't compromise on taste or quality? Look no further than Milk Lab’s premium non-dairy range, loved by baristas, and proudly stocked at Satisfine Foods!
Expertly crafted, using the finest ingredients √
Diverse range of dairy alternatives to suit every preference and dietary need √
Ethical sourcing practices, making every sip a conscious choice for both you and the planet. √

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MilkLab - Almond Milk 1L x 8

MilkLab's Almond Milk, the epitome of creamy goodness in every sip. Crafted with precision and care, each 1L carton is a testament to MilkLab's commitment to excellence. Made from the finest almonds, this dairy alternative boasts a velvety texture and a subtly nutty flavour profile that elevates any beverage or culinary creation. Whether you're pouring it over your morning cereal, frothing it for a luxurious latte, or incorporating it into your favourite recipes, MilkLab's Almond Milk adds a touch of indulgence to every moment. 

MilkLab - Coconut Milk 1L x 8

Dive into a tropical paradise with MilkLab's Coconut Milk, now available in a convenient 1L x 8 pack. Immerse yourself in the rich, creamy texture and exotic flavour of this dairy-free delight. Carefully crafted from the finest coconuts, each carton of MilkLab Coconut Milk delivers a taste of the tropics straight to your kitchen. Whether you're whipping up a smoothie, adding a splash to your morning coffee, or creating a flavourful curry, this coconut milk is your passport to culinary adventure. 

MilkLab - Lactose Free Milk 1L x 12

Experience the freedom of dairy without compromise with MilkLab's Lactose-Free Milk. Crafted with precision and care, each carton delivers the same creamy goodness as traditional milk, without the discomfort of lactose. MilkLab's Lactose-Free Milk offers a delicious alternative for those with lactose intolerance or dairy sensitivities. With the convenience of a 12-pack, you can stock up on this essential pantry staple and enjoy the freedom to pour, sip, and savour without limits. 

MilkLab - Macadamia Milk 1L x 8

Unleash the nutty indulgence of MilkLab's Macadamia Milk. Each carton embodies the rich, creamy essence of macadamia nuts, delivering a uniquely satisfying dairy-free experience. Made from the finest macadamias, this milk alternative boasts a velvety texture and a subtle, nutty flavour that enhances any beverage or culinary creation. Indulge your taste buds and elevate your culinary creations with MilkLab's Macadamia Milk – a true nut lover's dream come true.

MilkLab - Oat Milk 8 x 1L

MilkLab's Oat Milk, delivers the wholesome goodness of oats in every creamy sip, crafted with precision and care by MilkLab. This dairy alternative offers a smooth texture and a subtle sweetness that perfectly complements your favourite beverages and recipes. With the convenience of an 8-pack, you can stock up on this versatile pantry staple and enjoy the creamy goodness of oats whenever you desire. 

MilkLab - Soy Milk 1L x 8

MilkLab's Soy Milk is a testament to plant-based perfection, where every sip embodies the smooth, creamy essence of soybeans, delivering a delightful dairy-free experience. Sourced from the finest soybeans, this milk alternative is rich in flavour and packed with essential nutrients, making it a wholesome addition to your daily coffee. Ask your barista MilkLab soy milk in your next coffee to go, or stock your pantry at home! Embrace the goodness of nature and savour the creamy richness of MilkLab's Soy Milk.

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