Satisfine Food's 2017 Christmas Catalogue

Nov 16, 2017Mark Lenga
Satisfine Food's 2017 Christmas Catalogue

Christmas is just around the corner it seems, with tinsel decorations going up, candy canes in window displays, and carols on the radio. For the Satisfine team, we’ve developed our 2017 Christmas catalogue that’s filled with proven crowd pleasers for the holiday season ahead. Nutritious and sweet treats available include Brookfarm hampers, Chocolatier’s assortment boxes, and gluten free Silly Yaks mince pies. However, for this blog, we’re focussing on our two stand out favourites for this year: Gran’s Fudge boxes and the Byron Bay Cookie Luxe range. Here’s a little on why we love them both.

Byron Bay Cookies - Luxe Range

byron bay cookies white choc macadamia gluten free

Just in time for the Christmas period, Byron Bay Cookies have launched their deliciously indulgent Luxe Cookie range featuring amazing cookie bites in favourite beautiful flavours such as White Chocolate and Macadamia,  Milk Chocolate Chunk, Lemon Macadamia Shortbread, and Triple Choc. The range comes in boxes and tins of varying sizes and shapes, however, one thing they all packaging has in common is the beautiful geometric prints in silver, pink and gold that are sure to impress cookie lovers everywhere. Not to mention inside are the delicious, crunchy/soft premium cookies Byron Bay Cookies are known for. All with gluten free options available, these tins are the perfect sophisticated shoppers who’s wanting to celebrate Christmas and the end of 2017 in style.

What’s our favourite of the Luxe range you ask? We’re in love with the gluten free Luxe Assortment Gift Box with White Choc Macadamia and Triple Chocolate (300g). With a magnetic closure and beautiful gold packaging that holds gluten free bites, we think this box is a winner.

Gran’s Fudge

grans fudge

What’s more Christmassy than Christmas fudge? Gran’s Fudge has been a consistent bestseller for Satisfine Foods since we welcomed them to our humble little family. With classic flavours such as Peanut Brittle, Choc Fudge, and Irish Cream, these smooth, luxurious bites are from a hand made, gluten free recipe that’s been perfected over 30 years. An Australian owned and operated company, the sheer silky goodness of Gran’s Fudge means these treats are surefire favourites for the holiday period. And their cute, retro-style packaging is just the icing on the cake (or should we say fudge?). Try some today and be blown away with tried and true fudgy deliciousness.

What are your favourites from our 2017 Christmas catalogue? Is Byron Bay Cookies or Gran’s Fudge near the top of that list? Please let us know. If you’d like to order from Satisfine Foods, check out our 2017 Christmas catalogue for all the Christmassy-editions that make the holiday season such an exciting and joyous time.