POUR. SIP. SAVE. 10% off non-dairy milks! 🥛💸

Nov 14, 2023Mark Lenga
POUR. SIP. SAVE. 10% off non-dairy milks! 🥛💸


Non-Dairy Milk Splash Sale starts Now!

Satisfine Foods is back with an udderly fantastic offer just for you!
For a limited time, you can score a sensational 10% OFF on all our non-dairy milks, including renowned brands like Milk Lab, Alternative Dairy Co, and more!
Why choose non-dairy milk?
Dairy-Free Delights √
Perfect for those with lactose sensitivities and vegans.
Taste the Variety √
Explore an array of flavours, from classic almond to creamy oat and beyond.
Healthier You √
Packed with nutrients and free from cholesterol and saturated fats.
Planet-Friendly √
Reduce your carbon footprint with sustainable, eco-friendly options.

Ready to upgrade your milk game?


MilkLab - Oat Milk 8 x 1L

Milk Lab's oat milk is a smooth, creamy alternative to dairy.  Made with 100% Australian oats and no added sugar, it has a rich and oaty flavour with a natural, subtle sweetness. This milk is very popular amongst baristas and coffee lovers, be sure to take advantage of our splash sale and shop now!

The Alternative Dairy Co - Soy Milk 1L x 12

Three decades of soy milk experience, perfected for coffee. The Alternative Dairy Co. are pioneers of plant-based milks. Made in Australia, their team took a decades-old recipe and perfected it for coffee. It works with a variety of coffee blends for a balanced cup without the beany aftertaste.

MilkLab - Almond Milk 1L x 8

Probably Australia's favourite non-dairy milk is Milk lab's Almond Milk.  Designed to stretch and texture when frothed producing the best barista blend almond milk for making your morning coffee whether you prefer a cafe latte, cappuccino or flat white. Many people seek out Milk Lab's almond milk at their local cafes, so take advantage of our sale and stock up now!

The Alternative Dairy Co - Oat Milk 1L x 12

Proudly Australian Made, The Alternative Dairy Co's dairy free milks have been specially crafted for coffee in collaboration with baristas, café owners and non-dairy milk consumers to achieve the perfect formulation to complement the perfect espresso! This Oat Milk is a best seller that is loved by baristas Sydney wide!

MilkLab - Macadamia Milk 1L x 8

Proudly designed and validated by some of the world's hottest emerging baristas and coffee professionals, Milk Lab macadamia milk is plant-based, dairy-free, soy-free, vegan and with only 30 calories and 2.6 grams of carbohydrates per 100ml is keto-friendly.

Happy Happy Soy Boy - Soy Milk 1L x 6

Happy Happy Soy Boy's quality Soy Milk was created with Japanese Soy Milk Masters to deliver superior performance when mixed with espresso. Crafted using only quality non-GM whole soy beans. One of the original Soy Milks, that is loved by non-dairy milk drinkers across Australia, take advantage of the SALE now!

The Alternative Dairy Co - Almond Milk 1L x 12

Specially crafted with coffee drinkers in mind, this almond milk by the Alternative Dairy Co is next level! A smooth creamy texture, you'll forget it's non-dairy! Try it with your coffee at home today!

MilkLab - Lactose Free Milk 1L x 12

For those that don't love nut or oat milk, we have MilkLab's Lactose-Free Barista Milk! Made with Australian dairy milk from the Goulburn Valley in Victoria and the Lactase enzyme without compromising performance. Packed fresh within 24 hours of milking and with 2% fat for optimal stretching. Make this your new go-to!