Our Favourite Best Selling Barista M*lks

Jun 29, 2021Elephant Room
Our Favourite Best Selling Barista M*lks

Winter has officially arrived! And with the cooler weather comes the need for hot coffees made with delicious, silky smooth non-dairy milks that are so popular these days. Interested to know what our best sellers are? Check out these top five milks from our alternative milks category.

MilkLab - Almond Milk 1L x 8

– Thick and creamy 
– Inspired by the taste of fresh almond milk
– Textures and stretches

 Wildly popular with customers


MilkLab - Macadamia Milk 1L x 8

- Uniform and smooth in texture
- White to light cream in colour and appearance
- Macadamia milk flavour and aroma

The Alternative Dairy Co - Oat Milk 1L x 12 

 Made from GMO-free Australian grown oats 
 At least 97% Australian ingredients.
 Pairs perfectly with espresso coffees

Happy Happy Soy Boy - Soy Milk 1L x 6

– Crafted using quality non-GM whole soy beans
– Quality ingredients create a smoother tasting latte\
– Superior performance when mixed with espresso

Minor Figures - Oat Milk 6 x 1L

– Textures to the perfect micro-foam when steamed
– Creamy but clean texture with well balanced acidity
– Doesn’t split in the lightest roasts

Interested to find out more about our alternative, barista-quality milks? Check out our alternative milks category for more bestsellers. Also, check out our 'Subscribe & Save' option to see how you can save 10% off these alternative milks and have them delivered to your door.