Oh Cold Snap! Winter Warmers Are Ready To Go This Year

Apr 30, 2021Elephant Room
Oh Cold Snap! Winter Warmers Are Ready To Go This Year

It's still only Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere and yet Sydney and much of the East Coast is going through a cold snap that's giving people the shivers! In fact, it's estimated to be the coldest May in Sydney in over 54 years. If you're ready to warm up (and your customers are too) here's some winter warmer treats that will get you comfortable and cozy. 

Helen’s European Cuisine - Creamy Chicken & Mushroom Filo x 6

Whole chicken tenderloin marinated in white wine, enfolded in a creamy homemade sauce with sautéed mushroom, onion, shallots and parsley - we've only one thing to say about this - YUM.


Helen's European Cuisine - Gourmet Creamy Pumpkin Soup 2.5L

Thick and creamy style pumpkin soup seasoned with ground nutmeg and white pepper, this gourmet soup has a luxury consistency that warms from the inside out.


Posh Foods - Spinach & Feta Roll x 6

Crispy golden puff pastry with delicious fresh spinach and feta filling, Posh Foods have created a gourmet spinach roll that will be a go-to favourite for many cafe-goers. spinach nrolls

Posh Foods - Spinach Ricotta Quiche 8"

A family sized quiche, simply pop into a pre-heated oven at 160 Celsius for around 15 min. You're left with a beautiful gourmet dish ready to be served! 


Chocolates Del Mondo - Pearl Sugar Waffle 100g x 45

Chocolates Del Mondo Pearl Sugar Waffle are imported directly from Belgium, mixed with pearl sugar which caramelises the outside of the waffle, pair with fresh fruit and cream for a delicious, all-day breakfast menu item.  


24 x Chefs Edge Large Arancini - Chicken Cheese & Thyme

Coated in golden crumbs, each risotto ball holds a treasure of gooey mozzarella, chicken cheese and thyme - no wonder they're a favourite Italian snack.