News: July

Jul 20, 2016Mark Lenga
News: July

Satisfine Foods July News


As winter comes to its final month, we have you all set for the next few weeks of staying warm and making sure your customers are enjoying these chilly days. Don't miss out on the fantastic range of products mentioned this month along with some new branding and products we have set for this season. 

Check out Helen’s pumpkin soup for a great winter dish for your menu, or maybe some Chef’s Edge arancini! We also have new packaging and products from Kez’s Kitchen for those little tea and coffee dates.  

Make sure not to miss this month's roasted strawberry crumble recipe for a perfect after sweet treat must have. 

Satisfine Foods Helen's pumpkin soup


The recipes from this amazing brand are inspired by a Mediterranean heritage and a passionate for quality flavours. From this wealth of culture, comes a thick and creamy-style pumpkin soup seasoned with ground nutmeg and cracked pepper.

Find the extensive and versatile range of gourmet savoury products from Helen's European Cuisine on our website. Don't miss the select range of gourmet sweets, but the pumpkin soup is certainly a stand out! 

Chefs Edge Arancini


From the Chefs Edge's delicious range comes gourmet arancini, a staple for any winter menu. These rice balls coated with bread crumbs and filled with delicious fillings are perfect for curing the winter blues!  These pockets of rice, made from the best possible ingredients, are filled with generous fillings and would be the perfect choice for a memorable meal at any venue.

Kez's Kitchen


If you're looking for a fresh new item for your menu this season, don't miss the new products from Kez's Kitchen, who have also updated their packaging with an amazing new look. 

Baked exactly the way you would if you had the time, the biscuit range at Kez's Kitchen is made with the best ingredients, including gluten free options. The new additions to the range include some new tasty treats including salted caramel and white chocolate bites.

With portioned controlled package that are easy to eat, and easy to serve, check out the whole range including the new treats from Kez's Kitchen on our website now! 

Strawberry crumble