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Is Veganism Still Trending In the Food Industry?

Some may be wondering if veganism is still current for 2019. Was it just a fad for 2018? According to The Economist’s correspondent, John Parker, 2019 is the “year of the Vegan”.

Interest in veganism is still soaring, especially among millennials with a quarter of 25 to 34-year-old Americans declaring themselves to be vegan or vegetarian. That's higher numbers than ever before. 

vegan cookie

Byron Bay Cookies' Maple and Pecan Vegan Cookie

While The Economist's article focuses normally on North America, these trends are likely to correspond within Europe and Australia according to Forbes magazine

How Does This Affect the Australian Food Industry?

With vegan and vegetarian food movements representing more than a quarter of the youth demographic, it's safe to say Australian cafes and small businesses should jump on board. Especially, because climate change and carbon emissions are an increasing concern for younger generations, Forbes magazine, speculates its a trend that's not going to go away.

Vegan Crumpets by Merna

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