How to Make The Food Industry Greener In 2020

Jan 15, 2020Mark Lenga
How to Make The Food Industry Greener In 2020

It's on everyone's minds, how to prevent climate change from getting any worse than it already is and that extends to the food industry. Here are five quick tips for how to make the food industry more sustainable in 2020.

Encourage The Use Of Reusable Cups

reusable cups

Many cafe's are now offering a discount on coffee if customers bring their own reusable cups and/or straws. Consider this option, it's a simple and small way to encourage a big change.

Push A Seasonal Menu

Seasonal menus have always been in favour because food just tastes better if it's local and seasonal. But now there's another reason to go seasonal - it's a huge selling point for customers to see you embracing a greener world where food isn't imported from out of town. Plus seasonal produce is generally less expensive. 

seasonal produce

Reduce Meat Options

Controversial but something to be mindful of. A menu advertised as 'flexitarian' is a great way to start the conversation about your cafe's greener practices. 

Cut Down On Food WasteOzharvest

Image: Ozharvest

Cafe owner, Alex Elliot-Howry, shares ways to cut down on food waste in this article. 

Reduce The Amount Of Plastic Used to Store & Sell Food

This can be as simple as swapping out cling wrap for bees wax wraps or changing out your packaging from plastic containers to paper bags. Look for ways to change and then broadcast the update - why not! Your customers will applaud it.

paper bag packaging

Image: The Times

Upcycle Food  

If you're wondering what 'upcycled food' is, we've done a whole blog on this 'The New Trend of Upcycling Food in 2020'.

Would you try some of these green practices in your business? Let us know in the comments below!