Celebrating Coeliac Awareness Week: Our Bestselling #GlutenFree Options

Feb 28, 2020Mark Lenga
Celebrating Coeliac Awareness Week: Our Bestselling #GlutenFree Options


1 in 70 Australian have Coeliac Disease and 12.1% of Australians aren't eating wheat and/or gluten out of dietary preference (according to CSRIO 2016 Health Diet Score Report).


Coeliac Awareness Week 2020 (13 - 20 March) aims to raise awareness of the health risk around eating gluten as a coeliac and encourages testing and intervention. For our part, we want promote #glutenfree options on the menu in the hopes that it will raise awareness around dietary restrictions and the right for everyone to eat at the table. Here are our bestselling gluten free options - perfect for cafes and restaurant menus.

Range of Gluten Free options

Decadent Gluten Free Options

Healthy yet still delicious our decadent range includes options such as brownies, macarons, cakes and more. 
gluten free brownie
gluten free cake loomas

Healthy Gluten Free Options

As well as being good value and great taste, many of our GF products provide nutritious healthy eating.
gluten free museli bars
googys gluten free bars

Hearty Gluten Free Options

For hearty meal options we have a range of lasagnes, quiches and frittatas available:


Helen's Frittatas - Sweet Potato , Pumpkin, Spinach & Fetta (Gluten Free)

gluten free frittata

Silly Yaks Party Quiche Lorraine Gluten Free

gluten free quiche

Want to discover more gluten free options? Check out our Gluten Free range. To discover more information about Coeliac Awareness Week and what you can do to help visit coeliac.org.au.