Celebrate the end of winter with us! ❄️

Aug 23, 2022Mark Lenga
Celebrate the end of winter with us! ❄️

The end of Winter is approaching, so let’s celebrate together with 10% off your favourite Winter Warmer products!

Say goodbye to crowding around the heater with the code WINTER10 for $$ off our selection of pies, filo’s, arancini’s and more!

Shop Our Winter Warmers!

Helen’s European Cuisine - Butter Chicken Filo x 6

Delicious from the inside out! This filo by Helen's European Cuisine is packed full of succulent chicken pieces, slowly cooked in a classic, mildly spiced Indian Sauce. The ultimate winter warmer!

Chefs Edge Arancini - Bolognaise with Peas & Mozzarella x 24

Who doesn't love Arancini?! These large bundles of joy are filled with Bolognese, peas and lots of mozzarella - A true Italian classic!

Chefs Edge Arancini - Mushroom, Spinach & Mozzarella x 133

These mini Arancini's are great for entertaining. Pop one in your mouth and enjoy the delicious flavours of mushroom, spinach & mozzarella. Bon Apetit!

Ivan's - Aussie Beef Pie x 12

Nothing says Aussie winter like a meat pie! Ivan's award wining pie is made with premium Australian mince beef in a rich tasty gravy, 'Perfection in Every Bite'.

Ivan's - Chicken and Mushroom Pies x 6

Tender diced Chicken cooked with sauteed leeks, mushrooms ,cream and thyme filled into a shortcrust round pastry pie shell topped with light and flaky puff pastry, baked to light golden brown - We're drooling too!

Posh Foods - Yaya-Style Spinach Pie (1.9kg)

This is a classic Greek dish, made from pure Love. They line the bottom of the pie with a thin layer of Filo Pastry, then the Spinach & Feta filling goes in. They top the pie up with milky Fresh Ricotta and seal it off with Buttery Puff pastry for the Flaky crunch top. You gotta try it!

Don’t forget to use the code WINTER10 for 10% OFF!