Best Seller Gifts For Father's Day

Aug 01, 2019Mark Lenga
Best Seller Gifts For Father's Day

Father's Day is on its way (September 1st for anyone unsure). Although Father's Day isn't quite the event that Mother's Day is in Australia by no means should dad be getting the cold shoulder on his special day. At Satisfine Foods, we've got some sweet treats in bite-sized portions, perfect for dad.  

Chocolatier Australia's Mini Treat Box

chocolatiers australia mini treat box

Put down the sock and ties for dad's day. Everyone deserves a quick, guilt-free mini treat (in moderation).  

Chocolatier Australia's 'Share Box Milk Chocolates'

Alternatively, make Father's Day a party and share around the treats with Chocolatier's Australia's Share Box.

Byron Bay Cookie Gift Tins 

For a quality sweet that's not chocolate consider these beautifully delicious and soft Byron Bay Cookie Tin Gifts. Fabulously packaged in flavours for everyone including Sticky Date GingerRocky RoadWhite Chocolate and Macadamia and Tripple Chocolate.

byron bay cookies chocolate

What gifts do you think dad will love for his special day? Let us know in the comments below if you'd like to see more of our Father's Day gift ideas check out our 2019 Father's Day catalogue.