Five Foods Cafes Should Buy Wholesale

When buying for your café, buying wholesale is a no-brainer. It is the most cost effective and procedurally efficient way to run your business.

Your wholesale supplier needs to be a trusted, reputable brand which can guarantee the longevity of a product's shelf life and maintain the best standards of taste whilst remaining cost competitive.

We've highlighted some of the most practical, cost-efficient food items for you to start thinking about buying wholesale. Bring down your business running costs without sacrificing quality on these 5 essential wholesale food items. 


Make space for a bulk order of muesli and you will be able to pass on cost savings to your consumers. When used as a menu item, the mark-up on muesli is astronomical, and you can bypass the imposition by ordering your muesli, in bulk, with us. We have the full range of Gluten Free, Toasted and a more Natural mix to suit your customer requests. All come in either a Cranberry inclusion or Apricot & Apple.

Rocky Road

Review your current countertop - are you stocking confectionery that is visually appealing, with longevity, and which delivers profits? Rocky Road works within an economy of scale - the larger the batch, the cheaper the unit price, and the better your financial return. Did we mention how delicious it is? We have larger slabs or smaller dozen packs and even a Gluten Free alternative for those with customers looking for a dietary specific option.

Cafe Slices 

How many hours can you save in the kitchen by pre-ordering cafe slices in bulk? In addition, how happy will your customers be if you can offer a variety of affordable treats? Wholesale orders still allow for choice, while keeping your kitchen stocked for busy shifts. Feed the guilty pleasures of your customers with our delicious range of café slices.

Gluten Free Biscuits

Gluten free is a trend your business can’t afford to ignore. With an increasing number of café’s catering to the gluten free audience, you can’t afford not to compete or else your customers will simply go somewhere that does. When buying Gluten Free, wholesale is the most cost-effective way to introduce these items to your menu without breaking the bank.

Frozen Savouries

Our savoury collection make great snack items for your cafe menu or the perfect canape for your corporate function. Quick and easy to prepare, they look great when served and taste delicious, making these a wholesale no brainer. From Arancini to pizza scrolls, soup, meatballs and everything in between, these bakery savouries wont clutter your freezer or your profit lines. 



What will you be putting on your café menu this Autumn?