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ROUND UP: 5 Healthy Snacks to Get You 'Summer Body Ready'

A wise man once said "Summer bodies are made in winter." Well, it's not winter anymore but it is that time of year again. With the warm weather on it's way, we're all stripping down to tank tops and shorts accordingly. Now, here at Satisfine Foods, we believe you should be fit and healthy year round, but still, we're no strangers to the last minute desire to be a bit more fit for summer.

If you have customers in that boat and want to help them get ready for the hot months ahead, don't worry, we've got some tried and true favourites we know are sure to impress. Here's our round up of healthy snacks you and your customers will love coming up to summer.

1. The Healthy Patisserie Chocolate Muffins


The Healthy Patisserie Chocolate Muffins

A new brand with Satisfine Foods, The Healthy Patisserie's Chocolate Muffins are made from chocolate, natural yoghurt, egg white, stevia, whey protein powder and light milk among other natural wholesome ingredients. With 25 grams of protein, minimal sugar and carbs - these muffins are the perfect post-workout, summer body ready snacks!

2. Noshu Donuts and Muffins 

NOSHU Donuts - Banana Coconut

Dough-nut come for Noshu because they are the leading the path when it comes to indulgent snacks made healthy! Noshu stands for 'no sugar' and that's what all their delicious donuts and muffins are. No sugar, no grain, no gluten, no nuts - but still 100% yum. We dough-nut know how they do it!

3. Silly Yaks Date & Ginger Biscuits 

Silly Yaks Date & Ginger Biscuits

Who doesn't love a good, crunchy biscuit? The Silly Yaks Date and Ginger cookies are just that. Crunchy with a soft middle, this cookie has achieved the impossible, managing to be fresh and delicious while also gluten, wheat and dairy free. Good on you Silly Yaks!

4. Pantry & Larder Paleo Slice Hazelnut Ferrero

paleo slice

Pantry & Larder Paleo Slice Hazelnut Ferrero

This slice of paleo heaven is to die for if you love hazelnut ferrero (and who doesn't?!). Gluten free, dairy free, this slice is packed with crunchy nut, cacao and dates with a smooth chocolate top. 

5. Brookfarm Bar - Toasted Macadamia & Cranberry Bar

Brookfarm Bar - Toasted Macadamia & Cranberry Bar

This is a quality muesli bar that all our customer's rave over. The ultimate hunger killer with whole grains and quality fillings sourced from Byron Bay, this is a longstanding favourite in summer.


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