NEWS: August

Aug 26, 2015Mark Lenga

The winter months are winding down, Spring is on its way in and we're in full bloom with exciting new brands, new products and Christmas preparations well on their way.


FOOD FOR FINGERS | Premium Quality Finger Foods

Food for Fingers is a family owned and operated business which have been supplying premium quality finger foods to the Australian food service industry since 1996. Made from premium, gourmet and high quality products, the Food For Fingers standards are the highest in the food service industry.

Catering to functions of all shapes and sizes, the Food For Fingers product is perfect for 5-star hotel catering to the corner cafe snack menu. Featuring innovative and tasty recipes, combined with the freshest ingredients, this line of finger foods are perfect for your next function.

The Food For Fingers range include Kofta, Gyoza, Quesadilla, Wontons, Empanada, Samosa, Meat Balls, Mini Burgers, Roti, Sausage Rolls and more. 

Plate up with pride and put the Food For Fingers, finger foods on your next order, today.



THE PASTRY LOUNGE | Premium Pastry 

The Pastry Lounge provide the foodservice industry with premium, high quality pastry.

Our pastries reflect the best in premium ingredients and our perfected method. Our mission is to uphold the highest standards of production in order to consistently produce the best pastry available. We believe we hold ourselves to the highest standards, every single day.

We only ever use real ingredients in our range of pastries, pies and pithiviers. We cater functions of all shapes, types and sizes; drawing on years of experience and a flair for creativity to produce a memorable dining experience.

Create your next memorable meal with absolute confidence.




The countdown to Christmas is on, from now through the holiday season, we'll be reminding you to get your ordering under way.

The holiday season is a great time of year - the sun is out, the days are long and the public holidays are numerous.

Join in the festive season and browse the range of Christmas specific treats.